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is there anything i can do to help my case so i dont see a

Customer Question

I am being charged with larceny of private property. I am deployed right now and we have a found property box at the office i work in and i took an item that was no more than 200.00 in value from there and our policy states that 45 days the item unclaimed is ours. it wasnt 45 days and my leadership found out about it and gave me once chance to admit to taking it and I told them i did take it. I am now being charged with the above charge. is there anything i can do to help my case so i dont see a reduction in rank i am close to promotion to e-5 and this is a first offence. before that i have never gotten in any type of trouble. what punishments am i looking at. my commander told me that i would have to go before a defense trial and state my case and then it was up to them what my punishment was he said it wasnt going to be career ending but a punishment to where i would know i screwed up
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Military Law
Expert:  PhilCave replied 3 years ago.
Hello, thanks for asking your question.
It sounds like your commander is recommending Article 15, UCMJ, action.
The punishment can be loss of rank, forfeitures of pay, extra duty and restriction. They could also use that to process you for administrative separation.
You will be given paperwork which you can take to the local trial defense office. The lawyers there can give you legal advice on how best to present your case.

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