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My husband is a retired Marine he abandoned me almost 3 years

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My husband is a retired Marine he abandoned me almost 3 years ago leaving me to the streets with nowhere to go, no family, money , clothes or shoes and it was in the fall and getting cold out. I am not from this state and knew no one. I also have no military ID card in which he knows that I need and refused to sign for. I have not seen or spoken to him in all this time. I was Left homeless, starving and cold. It has been devastating. I do not deserve this after 25 years of being a devoted Marine corp wife! I have never wronged him in any way, shape or form to this very day, it would never of crossed my mind even though he is and has been cheating with numorous females, staying drunk and drugged out with them, spending all of our money on them while I freeze in a windowless condemned house trying to .. survive. I have had enough .

Thank you for your question today, I look forward to assisting you. I have nearly 20 years of legal experience in various disciplines, including JAG.


Unfortunately, military law doesn't dictate that a retired person must support their spouse, like it does with active duty members. This is because the military doesn't have jurisdiction over retired individuals and it is an extremely difficult process to try and bring them back on duty.


You will need to go through a divorce process, and in that process, request a share of his military retirement as part of the divorce settlement. You will also be entitled to a military ID, provided that your marriage overlapped 20 years of military service. You would also get Tricare.


But you will have to initiate a divorce to make these things happen. Only a family law court can issue the divorce decree necessary to afford you these rights.

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