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I served 6 years in the U.S. Army Reserve with an honorable

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I served 6 years in the U.S. Army Reserve with an honorable discharge dated 1976. I was never activated into active duty status other than basic training and OJT. Training was as Company Clerk 162 HHC attached to Fort Douglas @ Salt Lake City, Utah. My question is wheather I would be entitled to any type of Veteran Benefit ?

Thank You,

David Howarth
Can you look at your DD214 and tell me how many days it says that you served on active duty, please?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Don't know what DD214 is or where to get this info. I believe my approx. active duty was 6 mos. Also possibly( if it would be counted) 2 weeks a year summer camps and 2 days a month weekend drills. Hope this helps. Maybe you could direct me to a website where I would be able to get the info/forms to be able to figure this out ? Thank's, David Howarth.

Thanks for the additional information. A DD214 is issued to soldiers who were on active duty. They are not necessarily issued to reservists.


In order to determine what benefits you are entitled to, you do need to get your equivalent of a DD214. Here is a form for you to order this:


You are probably eligible for burial benefits. It does not appear that you would be eligible for medical benefits, because you were not activated.


You may be eligible for a VA loan guaranty:


"If you are not otherwise eligible and you have completed a total of 6 years in the Selected Reserves or National Guard (member of an active unit, attended required weekend drills and 2-week active duty for training) and

  • Were discharged with an honorable discharge, or
  • Were placed on the retired list, or
  • Were transferred to the Standby Reserve or an element of the Ready Reserve other than the Selected Reserve after service characterized as honorable service, or
  • Continue to serve in the Selected Reserves

Individuals who completed less than 6 years may be eligible if discharged for a service-connected disability."


Here are some additional benefits that you may be entitled to: Unfortunately, I can't tell you for certain what benefits you are entitled to without your discharge paperwork.

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