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Zabo04, Computer Enthusiast
Category: Microsoft Office
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I know a little, but not much about Excel. My problem: I am

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I know a little, but not much about Excel. My problem: I am writing a report requiring that I extract very wide tables of annual statistics from internet-published government documents and use them in slimmed-down form in the report. I delete data columns from early years, leaving a list of categories on the left and five columns of matching data on the right. I can do that, but the resulting table is crowded, and the print is too small to be read comfortably.

One particular table has very wide category columns on the left that eat up too much space on the page. I would like to break the category descriptions into two lines, so that they take up two rows but only half the horizontal space. Trouble is, the category descriptions (up to 17 words long) can't be broken.

The table involved is Table 6 at:

Grateful for any suggestions.

Zabo04 :

I'm downloading it now, but it sounds like you want to turn on word wrap for that column, then decrease the columns width

Zabo04 :

Word wrap will wrap the text in a cell over multiple lines in the same cell

Zabo04 :

what version of excel are you using?

Zabo04 :

That shows the column selected and wrap text selected

Zabo04 :