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IT Miro
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My spelling and grammar checker is unreliable, often presenting

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My spelling and grammar checker is unreliable, often presenting the message text marked "do not check spelling of grammar" how do I change this feature, I can think of no situation where not checking spelling or grammar would be applied! It is particularly bad in Microsoft office emails.

Hello! I am IT Miro and I will assist you on this question.

Are you saying that you need to manually set spell-checker to check the spelling and grammar every time you are writing a new e-mail in Microsoft Outlook?

IT Miro
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

no, i want this to occur automatically as it should. I often send email only to see later all the unchecked spelling errors, can be embarrassing

I understand.

Please tell me the version of Microsoft Office (Outlook) you use and I will help you enable automatic spell checker.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

okay, Microsoft office 2007

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

not sure you received my response which is Microsoft outlook 7

I received it - Microsoft Office 2007.

Give me a moment to write the instructions for you.

IT Miro
OK, here is what to do to make sure that the spell checked always remains turned on:

1. Start Microsoft Outlook 2007

2. Click Tools and then Options

3. When the Options window opens, click on the Spelling tab

4. There you can check the Always check spelling before sending check-box, but to always check spelling as you type a new e-mail, click the Spelling and AutoCorrection... button

5. In the When correcting spelling in Outlook section (at the bottom), you can enable desired options, or all of them to fully check typed text for errors

6. Click OK to save changes and close the Options window

7. Compose a new e-mail to see if the spell checker is fully working

I hope this helps!

IT Miro
IT Miro and 3 other Microsoft Office Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

thank you, XXXXX XXXXX also help me with the same problem in Word 7, although is intermittent which is what i don't understand, why does it work sometimes but no others

Sure! Here are the instructions for Microsoft Word 2007:

1. Start Microsoft Word 2007

2. Click on the Office button (upper left corner) and then click the Word Options button

3. When the Word Options window opens, click on the Proofing tab located on the left pane

4. In the When correcting spelling and grammar in Word section, enable desired spell checker options, or all of them

5. Click OK to save changes and that should do it. You can exit and re-start Microsoft Word just in case

For other auto-correct options, you can click on the AutoCorrect Options... button which is also located on the Proofing tab and enable or disable options there.

You can use these instructions to enable spell checker in Excel and other Microsoft Office 2007 products, but spell checker should fully work by default.

IT Miro
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

thank you, XXXXX XXXXX the 'exception for" about it currently is set for document 3 but the boxes are not ticked, why is this even necessary?


You're welcome!

You can temporary disable spell checker for certain documents (add an exception) so that Word (Office) doesn't check for spelling and grammar errors. In that case, you won't see underlined words in your text.

Spell checker exceptions are good to use when you are sending your finished Word document to someone else. Other people won't see underlined words for that document so they can focus on the text itself. It is particularly useful when the document contains a lot of names which Word automatically underline as it doesn't understand what those words mean.

If you add those words (names) to the dictionary, it will only apply for your Word (computer), so disabling spell checker in certain cases can come in handy.

If there is anything else I can help you with, just let me know.

IT Miro
IT Miro and 3 other Microsoft Office Specialists are ready to help you

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