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I am looking for a program for church, one so we can quickly

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I am looking for a program for church, one so we can quickly go to scriptures to follow along with the sermon and show lyrics during the singing.
Hello my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be happy to assist you.

Can you explain more about your needs please?

Would this be a program for a windows PC? Also do you need something that only one person would be using or would the entire church use it?

Please do your best to give me as much detail about what you need and how you want to use it. Also let me know if you have already seen something similar or you are just trying to find out if such a thing exists.

Thank you,
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I have heard af a program for this but I can't remember the name. There would have to be three or so trained users. We us a laptop or PC to run the projector and at the present time we are using powerpoint. This works but for instance if I change direction and mention a scripture that we did not put on powerpoint it takes too long for the pc oprerator to find and post the scripture. So by the time the scripture comes up I am already on to another topic.

Thank you for providing me with more information.

I think I understand what you are saying though so maybe I can make some helpful suggestions. You are saying that if you are talking about a verse in the book of Job and then talk about something in the book of Ezekiel , you would like to display the text on the screen for everyone to see?

If so you may just be using I website to search like

I have been desperately searching for something quicker and more efficient and I believe I found a solution for you.

Have a look at this:

One of the features that jumped out at me was
"Unlike PowerPoint, MediaShout worship software lets you add or delete music, photos, videos, sermon points, and more without exiting your presentation. And the audience will never know. "

Looks like it also includes 54 versions of the bible integrated within the software as well as a lyrics database. With the integrated bible it sounds like it would be simple to have someone jump around while you are speaking.

It seems worth checking out and they have a 30 day free trial which you can sign up for here:

I hope this helps but if you find you need more suggestions please do not hesitate to reply back and let me know.

Thank you,
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