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Experience:  Have been using MS Office since Office XP and know VBA coding very well
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How do you use the Tag Property of a form in Visual Studio

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How do you use the 'Tag' Property of a form in Visual Studio 2008, 2010?

JBryan42 :

Welcome to JustAnswer. My name is Bryan and I will be assisting you today. Please do not rate this session until it has been completed.

JBryan42 :

You assign it just like any other property. Is there a specific control you are asking about? And what type of data do you want to store in the tag?

Customer :

Let's say that I open a window as a child to the first (not MDI, you might call it a Dialog), If I want to use the output to a Textbox on the first of the two windows, can I use the Tag for that? Can the Tag be used to monitor a sentinel on that page or anything like that. The bottom line is How Do I Use The Tag Property On One Page On Another Page,

Customer :

Most Likely The Page I Used To Open The One With The Tag I Want To Use?

JBryan42 :

The tag can be set and used just like any other string property. So you could call Dialog1.caption = Form1.TextBox.Tag to assign that way. Does that answer the question?

Customer : Do I need 'using' statements or other references?
JBryan42 :

A tag is just a property of an object. You would only need a uses if you are doing cross form references then they would need to know about each other. So if you wanted to reference the tag stored on Dialog1 from Form1, The dialog would need to be in the uses of the form.

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