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R. Michael
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MS Access 2007 I have a form that users chose 2 (if Yes) or

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MS Access 2007
I have a form that users chose 2 (if Yes) or 0 (if No) for 3 categories.

=nz([Identified needs - Sales],0)+nz([Recommended a solution - Sales],0)+nz([Asked for the sale],0)

then it is scored out of a possible 2

=nz([Possible 36],0)+nz([Possible 40],0)+nz([Possible 41],0)

Right now users are leaving blanks if a category is not applicable. However, now they would like to have blanks score as 100%.

So, if a user scored a 2, a 0 and a N/A their score would be 66%.

Hope this is clear.

R. Michael :

You have the formula there =Nz([Field],0). If you want the formulat to be 100%, You need to change the datatypes and convert the 0's and 2's to a percent as well. Once you do then you could use =Nz([Field],1) because 1 = 100.00%.

R. Michael :

The trick is figuring out the percents. If you could provide a little more info about the fields and the math (An actual spelled out example of how it works now. Then I could definately figure the math part for you.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I don't really understand your answer. I'm a newbie at Access - I'll try to explain it again

My users are grading call quality attributes. For example, if the sales rep asked for the sale that attribute would be scored as 100% which in this case is 2. If they didn't it would be scored as 0% or 0.

If the question wasn't applicable they would leave the entry blank and it would not be included in their score.

It seems like it should be an easy fix to take out whatever is telling it it not include blanks - but nothing seems quite that easy in Access.

I hope you can help me in extremely basic terms and terminology . Thanks

I think I am a little confused by formulas provided in the original question:

"=nz([Identified needs - Sales],0)+nz([Recommended a solution - Sales],0)+nz([Asked for the sale],0)"


"=nz([Possible 36],0)+nz([Possible 40],0)+nz([Possible 41],0)"

The Nz([expression], 0) will change a null or blank value to 0. So if you have that in your formula it will include all blanks as 0. Another way to handle null values is using IIF(IsNull([expression]),[Value or expression if true],[value or expression if false]) However if you have multiple numbers to calculate this can be a mess of nested IIf statements.

Are you able to upload the database to and provide link and password(if applicable). And then point me to the form you are looking for. It is difficult to tell what is going on without seeing it. I understand this may contain sensitive data...if so a work around would be to export the form and applicable tables queirs to another database and delete data or input fake numbers.)

If not can you explain a little better the formulas above. ie: Provide the formula you are using and an example of the values in each field. The example in your question shows the example of 2,0,N/A, Should = 66% Am I correct to assume that this would be 2/3=.66.

If you can't upload the database I will upload one making some assumptions then you can tell me what to change etc until we get it right. Sound Good?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I have uploaded some info to wikisend. Doc 265420, password XXXXX

I think the part that needs revision is call lis - sorry, it's messy.

I need score of 2 out of possible 2
0 out of possible 2
And a new score for empty or n/a cells of 2 out of possible 2

I can't just have the empty cells default to 2 as the I won't know which scores are legit and which were n/ a

I would also be ok if the scores were yes, no and n/a with scores of 2 , 0 and 2 respectively.

It seems like it should be possible but not to my little brain :(

Sorry I had trouble opening the database. Are you able to describe if this is a table a form that stores the data to a table. But If they are being stored then you can always just do something like this
=nz([Identified needs - Sales],2)+nz([Recommended a solution - Sales],2)+nz([Asked for the sale],2)

As I said before nz handles null values. This would change the null to a 2 in any of the forms. Or You could force the form to not allow blanks on submission and use a formula like this:

=IIF([Identified needs - Sales]="N/A",2,[Identified needs - Sales])+IIF([Recommended a solution - Sales]="N/A",2,[Recommended a solution - Sales])+IIF([Asked for the sale]="N/A",2,[Asked for the sale])

Both do the same think one just allows you to input N/A but would difficult if storing in a table because of datatypes you could replace the N/A's above with 1's and that would work too with out datatyoe issues.

=IIF([Identified needs - Sales]=1,2,[Identified needs - Sales])+IIF([Recommended a solution - Sales]=1,2,[Recommended a solution - Sales])+IIF([Asked for the sale]=1,2,[Asked for the sale])

If you are able to save as and upload as an .mdb I might have more luck but I am sorry I couldn't download.
I personally would use the last formula using 1's for instead of N/A. But also force the user to make entries in the form so you do not end up with 0's 1's and 2's and blanks in your table
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks for your help. I used the first formula and it seems to be perfect.

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