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I have a 2010 Mercedes GLK350 and am having issues with the

Customer Question

I have a 2010 Mercedes GLK350 and am having issues with the sunroof drain. The passenger and driver side sunroof drains are slow to drain. However, when there is a heavy rain the passenger side will leak into the passenger foot well by way of the a-pillar. Is there a recommended procedure to clean blockages in these drains and where do these drains exit?
Submitted: 7 months ago.
Category: Mercedes
Customer: replied 7 months ago.
I have tried blowing air in these drains but it is difficult to get pressure due to the design of the drain in the sunroof. I have also tried a flexible wire but cannot get it to go further than 4" from the top. When I pour water in the tray it takes several minutes for a small amount of water to drain, rocking the car back and forth lets it drain faster, presumably because I am moving it around the clog. I have looked it up in the version of WIS I have but cannot seem to find where this drain tube exits so I can try cleaning it from the bottom up. Another option I presume, would be to remove the a pillar but not to sure how to release the clips and if it would cause interference with the airbags.
Expert:  Angel Martinez replied 7 months ago.

The drain tubes exit behind the front fender just below the a pillar, you can remove the fender liner( plastic in the wheel well )and access the tube ends. Then you can vacuum the tube out with a Wet/Dry shop Vac. Then pour Vinegar down drain while vac is running and it will kill all the nasty stuff that grows in those tubes. Hope that helps