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Michael Warfield
Michael Warfield, Factory Mercedes-Benz Technician
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GL450: I have a Mercedes GL450 2007 and check engine light

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I have a Mercedes GL450 2007 and check engine light went on. I ran it with my obd2 and came up with these codes. 1st code is p2006 (Intake manifold runner stuck closed control bank 1. 2nd code is p0025 (Camshaft position actuator B-Bank 2 timing over-retard. How can I fix these problems? Thanks in advance.

Michael Warfield : Post your vin # XXXXX I'll check your engines serial number to see if you need a new timing chain idler gear. As for the tumbler flaps, if the fault code doesn't come right back, don't worry too much because these codes can get stored from them getting stuck in cold weather intermittently. What you have to worry about is if the fault returns within a few days or so. Then you will need an intake manifold and that is a $1500 part.

vin# XXXXX


When I clear the codes they come back on again in about 1 miles when I start driving

Michael Warfield : Ok, let me look into a bit further. You most certainly will need an intake for the tumbler flaps though, unfortunately. I'm checking to see about the camshaft retard code to see if you will need an idler gear. Did you just buy this car?

Yes recently.

Michael Warfield : Ok, the p0025 fault is just for the drivers side exhaust camshaft magnet on the front of the engine. This repair cost about $300 at a dealership. I can give you instructions on how to replace it yourself, the part is only about $40.

Please tell me what to change out so I can get it fixed. Thank you!!!

Michael Warfield :

You need to replace the driver's side exhaust camshaft adjustment solenoid. Here is a picture.

Camshaft solenoids
Full Size Image

Michael Warfield :

You need to replace solenoid # XXXXX in the picture.

Michael Warfield :

As for the P2006 intake manifold code, you will have to replace the intake manifold to fix this code unfortunately. Mercedes doesn't make any of these parts separte so you have to purchase a new entire intake.

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