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2004 ml350: engine light came..there are two wrenchs on the dashboard

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My 78,900 mile- 2004 ML 350 yellow check engine light came on this morning, The car does not appear to be in trouble. I noticed that the milage is flashing 12X and the there are two wrenchs on the dashboard. Is this a major issue?

eurotec :

Hi, the mileage flashing and two wrenches is simply telling you that your car is due for it's maintenance service. The check engine light is not related to the others.

eurotec :

The engine light indicates a malfunction in the vehicles emission control system. You will need to have the car connected to the Mercedes tester to read out the fault memory of the computer.

eurotec :

If the car is running well and the check engine light is not flashing you can safely drive it to the repair shop.

eurotec :

The fault can be anything ranging from a loose gas car (which you've checked) to a fault in the engine management system that controls the fuel mixture. The cost of repair will vary depending on the fault.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
What could cause the check engine light to come on?
Did you receive my replies above? That should have said gas cap not gas car :-)

Edited by eurotec on 10/19/2010 at 2:16 AM EST