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2007 clk350: Benz..SRS light..My check engine light..ESP

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I have a 2007 CLK 350 Benz- The problem i am having is that my SRS light is coming on, My check engine light, and my ESP button. Sometimes when I am driving i could be at a light and I come to a stop and my car at times shuts off. I am able to turn it back on. But after a few cranks. What do you think is the problem?
SRS is a separate problem and probably needs a modification to the steering wheel wire harness. (take to a dealer to have it checked. May be under warranty). Check engine is probably the crank position sensor which can go bad once it gets hot and the wiring breaks inside triggering the fuel pump to stop. This is your shutting off symptom and then it starts again. It will pregressively get worse if this is indeed the problem you are experiencing. Not sure what the ESP is but I would handle the other problem and see if they are related. Note: Codes should always be checked with a diagnostic check before assumption but if you don't feel like paying for it then that is my best experienced guess.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Around how much would something like this cost? How much would it cost to reset buttons?
The crank sensor is around 140 dollars for the part. The labor is around 1 hr to replace and 1 hr diag at a round about 120 dollar per hour. If you just tell them to replace without diag it will be only 1 hr. Normally they erase the lights with the diag but if you try to talk to them they may erase it for you after just the repair.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

thanks for the info. Let me get this straight. Sorry to take up your time.


ABS and BAS light is connected with ESP light. If the ABS and BAS lights come on that means that the ESP is not working.



The brake system is still functioning normally but without ABS/ BAS. Is ABS/BAS/ESP all related? Also when my car stalls when I am driving if I hit the throttle a little it works fine. but when this happens all the lights come on. ESP/ABS/ Speedtronic innoparative.


Does this make sense? Does this seem like an easy fix? Or do I have major problems?

Yes the ABS BAS AND ESP are all separate systems but integrated. The stalling and tapping accelerator may actually be the accelerator itself but a reading of the codes should be done with a mercedes scanner before this assumption. Its probably a sensor faulty. I don't think its a major problem but you may not be able to fix alone.
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