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I am having problems with my air suspension on a 2004 E320

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I am having problems with my air suspension on a 2004 E320 wagon 4Matic. The back wheels will lower sporadically when the car is parked. So far when the car is on it will level off and work. What could be the problem, and what would the cost for repair be?
Hello,does the vehicle lower in the rear overnight and if so how far down does i lower is it quite a bit or just very little?Has anything been checked or done to correct this/Let me know,Thanks Pete.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

when it happens it is quite a bit, nothing has been done as of yet.

o.k.,one of the most common failures is one of the rear air shocks leaking externally,when this happens the rear will lower down usually overnight when its cooler out or after the vehicle has sat for a bit,then when started back up the rear will lift up to normal height.I have had to replace some of these rear air suspesnion shocks for this fault before,what neds to be done is both rear shocks need to be checked for leaks using soapy water to chek for bubles,once the leak is found it needs replaced to correct the fault,also a dealers sds machine may have a fault code for one specific shock faiure so you may want that checked as well.I hope this helped,if you need anything else let me know,Thanks pete.
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