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Mike, Technician
Category: Mercedes
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Experience:  34 years of in the Motor Trade as diagnostic Technician and general repair work.
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trying to fix custmers 2001 E class 210 chassis ...

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trying to fix custmers 2001 E class 210 chassis undocumented code c1041

Hello & Welcome to!

That code doesnt appear to make any sense -- its not in anything I have got --

What machine were you using to obtain that code??



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I am using Snap-on solus scan code reader
with lastest 8.2 software program. Customers
car will drive quite will for a few days at a
time, then the dashboard display will flash up
ESP & BAS car will then go into limp mode, car is then pulled to side of road, turned off and
re-started and then will drive fine for a day
or two.

Hi again -

That fault code is honestly giving me trouble -- it is in the chassis range - but no 1041.... I do have a 1401 -- could it be/???

Too though.... theres a couple of things it could be now youve mentioned that --

BAS units go funny quite often and can throw up the that message -- also what can throw that up is - faulty CAS -- and, beleive it or not, brake light switch!

These are experience things - if you want to go that line - but as I say, double check that fault code for me... too, do you have another machine you could run it on at all??

Rgds fo now-



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Reply to Mike's Post: thank you for help so far i am unable to recheck code read until tomorrow due late hour .i know of common fault with brake light switch ,i normally find this in gearbox part of code read which is clear of codes at present. i am a one man band i have no other acess to any other code reader. can you expand on CAS . i am unable to gain acess to BAS i have been denied connection . i like you have been in motor game for 30 years.local mb agent in uk no help .will get back to you tomorrow.thanks.

Ok mate - I'll look out for your reply.

More things in common than you think it seems -- looking at your tag name !! Surprised

Rgds, MIKE ;)

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Reply to Mike's Post: Have contacted someone who has Benz diagnostic machine, after a lot of research code C1041 has been found, apparent problem is in can connection between ESP Pump and ECU, unsure of location of pump and probable onward root of repair, sorry for the delay in getting back to you but car is part of fleet and has been out working. If this is any more help can you shed any further light on issue. await your reply.



Wis - Lovely - I'm sure actually that the snap - on brick has some codes of its own! ;)

Now then, if its saying loss of communication between Esp & Ecu - and obviously this is can - I suspect its going to be a connection problem on a pin - either at the ecu or the ESP pump. I cant see it being a break midway - pretty unheard of.

It could also be a faulty esp pump - and this is what it is now down too....

So, location of ecu (control module )- is - on the left hand side at the back of engine bay - on left - standing at front of car looking under bonnet (drivers side)

The pump itself is on the passenger side of the engine bay - As I say, I think you need to be inspecting the connections at both the pump and the ecu.

Its worth perhaps pointing out at this stage - the dash warning light flashes to tell the driver that the stability control system is active (a glowing triangle with an exclamation mark inside).

This is why - apart from a bad connection throwing up erroneous messages (light) - that I think the the control unit has gone nuts.

Im going to pop a schematic that I have here for you --- I hope it helps -- but you know where I am if I can help anymore ---------

All the best ---- Mike


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