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Dr. Keane
Dr. Keane, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 1766
Experience:  Clinical Psychology PhD, Licensed Professional Counselor with experience in marriage/family, teens and child psychology.
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Dear Dr. Keane, Wondering if we can please chat, if you have

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Dear Dr. Keane, Wondering if we can please chat, if you have time and would like to. I was thinking about this person recently who said that everyone is a failure, hoping now what was meant is that we aren't perfect. I was also thinking about my reaction, which was one of almost surprise, but then of annoyance, not that I said anything. What with the mixed feelings I'm experiencing at the moment, I do admit to thinking that perhaps I really am just a failure for a little while. Then, however I thought about it later and looked at what I am trying to achieve and what I have achieved and how that can’t possibly be right. I also thought about how before I would have dwelt for much longer until I’d convinced myself that I really was a failure and would have been in a much worse state for it. This is good as in a step in the right direction isn’t it? That I realised this generalisation (1) wasn’t exactly personal (2) that, although I did dwell on it and it was on the cusp of the heavier type of negative thoughts, that, although I see what was said wasn’t the best way of this person putting things, I’ve chosen not to let it dominate my thoughts and thinking about how it's the weekend instead. It made me also think about how I was when I first started talking to you and how that I think there might be some changes. I am so glad and happy that you are still so willing to help me and chat to me, as I’ve said before, I really do think you are a great person. I just wanted to tell you about this, whilst I had a moment. I've tried to do something more active today, and now watching a light-hearted movie to remedy this latest anxious feeling, especially since I'm now anxious about whatever work thing is now going on, but need to wait until some time during the week to find out what it's all about.

Dr. Keane :

Hi, whoever made that comment to you is not in for a very happy life, to believe that comment even rational is ridiculous. Yes, we may not meet our expectations in different situations but to say everyone is a failure is utterly and completely wrong. I'm glad you realize that. I think my reaction would have been to realize that this person is not a person I would want around me, pretty negative. To not dwell on a comment such as this was a good move, to watch a good movie even better. Not sure why you are anxious about work but would advise, think about it for 10 minutes and then put it away for the weekend. Not worth your time to dwell on something that will work out next week. Sorry I missed you.




says you missed me, I stepped in as soon as it said "chat with expert" on my screen.


I wonder if something technical happened, perhaps waiting room not showing customers online? Just a thought. Thank you for getting back to me.


I'll let you know if things work out when I know. Thanks again for getting back to me and hope your weekend is good.


I had been having similar thoughts of not having that person around me too, but wasn't sure. Reading your response has given me a helping hand in what I may do. Thank you!

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