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This question is for Kate McCoyHello KateI have done some

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This question is for Kate McCoy Hello Kate I have done some terrible things. I ordered a weight loss drug that is only available online. My lady doctor told me to stay away from this drug two years ago and I said I would but I went back on it again last month. It boosts your energy up and you could have only 3 hours of sleep and feel like you had nine. My mom and sister feel there is something in it that does something to the brain. I spit on my neighbor who is a young woman in her early twenties. Her father was very upset and he said that is assault My sister owns the apartment building and my sister's boyfriend convinced him not to call the police. Later that night I threatened him behind the walls of my apartment because earlier he was accusing me of trying to break into his apartment, scratching his door and egging his vehicle. I told him I did not do this. I said do you have any proof, witnesses. We will see her father said. He was not home when I threatened him but his daughter heard this. I got this idea from hearing a customer threaten an employee downstairs in the building about 2 or 3 weeks ago. When her father got home, she told him about the threat and he called the police. I talked to him that evening and he said what's this you threatened me. I did not deny it. You can talk to the police he said as they are on their way over. The two officers came about 2:30 am. They spoke to her father first then me. They asked for my name, date of birth and then I think one of the officers started out asking me what is going on? I told the officers I did not remember spitting on the girl.  One officer said and the allegations, and I told him I did not try to break into his apartment or scratch the door. I told them about this drug I ordered online and he asked for the name of the drug.  I told the officers that the people are friendly in this city and I hope that I can stay here as long as I can. The officers did not say anything about egging the vehicle or a restraining order but I think her father wanted that. There were no charges. One officer talked about a drug program and if it is alright if they call me. I said sure but my sister's boyfriend said it would not be for this kind of weight loss drug but for the hard drugs people have trouble getting off of. I did not hear anyone call me 2 days after the police came. They were nice officers and one said love your neighbor, but my mom said if there is another complaint about me they will not be so nice the second time they come. I gave the rest of the diet pills to my sister and her boyfriend. I have no trouble going off this drug. I feel bad about what happened and I do not want to have a bad image in this city. My sister's boyfriend who looks after the apartment building  said if you see the two daughters and her father don't talk to them. If you see them on the same sidewalk as you are walking, cross over to the other sidewalk. I do not want to leave this beautiful city as I have been here only 2 years and there are so many buildings, trails, parks and the beach I have not seen. I do not have any friends in this city as I go to work all night. Come home in the morning and go to bed early afternoon and get up in the evening again to go to work. I get the feeling my sister's boyfriend wants me to leave but he said he is not kicking me out. How can I make a fresh start Kate? I work in another town and my drive to work is 55 minutes one way. Should I look for another apartment in the city and continue the long drive while looking for work in this city? My sister's boyfriend said another town would be good for me as I would be about 15-20 minutes to work but I don't think I would be as happy there as there is a lot more to do in this city. My mother says for me to stay in this apartment and let the others move out if they want to but that would not be fair to them. I feel staying in this apartment building with him and his two daughters will create more stress and tension for all of us. Her father is asking my sister's boyfriend is he moving yet? Her father had said to me the day of the spitting that one of us must go. I don't want to have to leave this beautiful city and be remembered for this. What are some good options Kate? This same drug I was on before two years ago I scratched my neighbors vehicles. the police came and there were no charges. I paid for all the damages before they came with a money order. I had lived in that town for over 10 years. I moved away from that town and went to this city as before I moved here my sister's boyfriend said this city would be good for me. Now the police have come again for me in this new city. I can't keep moving to a new city or town because the police come to visit me. My sister's boyfriend said I am very lucky there were no charges but if there is a third time the police come, he is afraid I will not be so lucky as he is afraid I will go to jail. I have no criminal record.

Hello, it is good to hear from you.

It sounds like the situation between you and the neighbors has made both of you uncomfortable. While it is understandable that you do not want to leave the city, you may want to consider leaving the apartment building. At this point, there are already hostilities between you and the man and his daughter. Any slight misunderstanding on their part and it could come back on you, even if you do not do anything.

If you want to stay in the city, consider looking for a new place. Your sister and her boyfriend may be able to help you find something. But staying where you are is going to be difficult. Unless the man and his daughter decide to move, you will always be suspect of anything that happens to them.

You can consider moving closer to work, but if you have support where you are with your sister and her boyfriend plus you like where you live, then staying is a good idea, just not in that apartment.

You might also want to consider talking to a therapist about using the diet drug. Even if you are off it and no longer interested in taking it, you may still want to try to work through why you took it and how to prevent yourself from taking it again. Plus, voluntarily getting treatment looks very good for you if you would ever be accused again of a crime.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

You feel Kate that moving into another apartment building in a different neighborhood will be a good way for me to have a fresh start?

Also I worry that I will have a bad image in this city. One lady told me I will not have a bad image in this city do you agree?

I would agree that one incident does not give you a bad reputation. And moving to another area but in the same city would help give you a fresh start. It allows you to stay in a city you love and to start over at the same time.

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