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Dr. Kaushik
Dr. Kaushik, Psychiatrist
Category: Mental Health
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Very honest here and been seeking this answer for 5 years.

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Very honest here and been seeking this answer for 5 years. I'm in an psychologically abusive controlling relationship. Over the 16 yr marriage (same sex and he's a doctor) I've tried coping with this control, no friends, you get the idea, so back then depression and anxiety. I turned to alcohol and five years ago drugs (meth). Now he's self claimed me to be bipolar and borderline all the sudden and prescribed pills himself which subdued me because before I was standing up to him. I've taken tests online and everyone else that knows bipolar people or borderline say I'm not it. I'm on 1350mg lithium and 160mg Geodon. I feel nothing. Lastly, he was arrested for domestic violence and away from house for 2months. I feared him. I did hear his voice and a girls voice crystal clear putting me down as if watching me play by play. No harm just annoying. Once I confirmed he wasn't in the house via txt they went away, I was protective paranoid! That make me. Sick? Oh one think last 5 years including this voice time I was using meth would that have a factor when never has in prior 4 years? Thank you!!
Greetings !

Welcome to the site.

I am so sorry to learn about your abuse at the hands of your partner and i believe he himself is possibly suffering from Narcissistic personality disorder and it is his this underlying condition which is making him to subject you to this trauma.

I have doubts about the authenticity of your diagnosis of bipolar disorder and borderline disorder which he himself has given you,the reason behind this is the fact that these two conditions cannot be considered together in the same person as they are almost always mutually exclusive of each other meaning that if one has bipolar disorder then the diagnosis of borderline personality disorder has to be ruled out and this shows that your partner has probably been hasty and callous in over-diagnosing you with an apparent bias.

So i suggest that you got to take a firm stand against him and stop getting abused and traumatized by his narcissistic governed tactics and most certainly you got to get yourself evaluated by an experienced psychiatrist to rule out these conditions which he has labeled you with.

Other than this i will have to agree to the fact that the voice that you heard could have been an auditory hallucination if at the time of this incident you were abusing methamphetamine.

So i believe a lot of resolutions need to be taken by you to overcome this abuse which is both physical and emotional and possibly a couple's counseling with a psychotherapist or psychologist will be a good way to proceed in dealing with the abusive relationship and his narcissistic ways both of which shall be unraveled and brought to light during the couple 's therapy in front of the therapist / psychologist thereby giving a setback to your partner's tactics using his underlying personality traits. Other than a proper thorough evaluation from a psychiatrist is essential to rule out or rule in the proposed diagnoses that he has used for you because if these diagnoses in the evaluation are ruled out then your medications that you are currently using will be brought off thereby bring closure to the numbing effect of them ( i.e makes you emotional flat / zombie like feel ).Also please seek de-addiction treatment for your methamphetamine abuse.

I hope this helps.

Wish you all the best.

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I hope this he
Dr. Kaushik and 3 other Mental Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thank you very much. Just one last thing. I do go to a psychiatrist however he goes to the meetings with me and when he wants pills changed he tells her and she always agrees. Why I don't know. Because he picked her and he refers patients to her? Conflict of interest I think and unethical. To tell her what I told you about false diagnosis I had to fake go to the bathroom and leave a remade note with the front staff. That ended up doing no ood. He somehow is working with her since she couldn't verify my prior places diagnosis. If I'm to be on these meds ok but I'm starting to think I'm not. I skipped a week and nothing. *question: is there a test online that I can go to for bipolar and borderline (I know they're subjective and doctor should determine for sure but give an indication now)? Ive seen borderline ones out there somewhere. Question 2: what you described him as does that include hiring houseboys and making their spouse (me) put up with them living here and having sex everyday unprotected. Thisvhappened with 6 guys. Last one showed up and I find out mom is dying so he decides I will fly down myself he'll stay with houseboy and have sex everyday as I need his support as she passes. He wanted him since he is old enough to be his father and likes young and I'm not that young plus I have HIV and he discriminates against me for that with these boys. That's cold same definition and is there treatment cuz that's not normal. That's my final question. You'll get a great review!!!
Please see below the links.


( This above link for Young mania rating scale that you can use to assess whether you ever had manic episode which is essential for the diagnosis of bipolar disorder ).


( This above link for assessment of Borderline personality disorder)

However i do propose that other than these two self assessments better will be to reach out to a new psychiatrist who is unbiased and not in cahoot with your partner.

As far as your second question is concerned i will say that a part of his narcissism does display in his sexual escapades because he seems to be the aggressor almost always and likes to exploit people for his own advantage.Plus he shows severe lack of respect for you as a partner and undermines your sentiments often even exploiting you and your emotions to feed into his own inflated self esteem and ego , which is again typical of narcissistic personality.

I hope this answers your queries.

Wish you all the best.


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