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I am just curious now that my son has been diagnosed with bipolar

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I am just curious now that my son has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder ,if this is something that could have been prevented or not. He had been dealing with stress, grief over the loss of his father and had been self medicating. As I understand it there would be a genetic component but although I suggested grief support after his Dad died I now wish I had just made an appointment and had him try therapy. I know this doesn't change anything now but since I have two other sons I want to try and do what I can to avoid this happening to either of them.
Hello, I'd like to help you with your question.

There is nothing anyone can do to prevent Bipolar disorder. It is a disorder that is thought to occur as a result of a brain chemical imbalance in the neurotransmitters, which is why medications are effective in helping to control the symptoms.

Because the brain chemical imbalance is already there, stressors only play a role in terms of triggering the Bipolar, rather than being the cause. If stress was a cause of Bipolar, then many more people would have Bipolar than do now. So what your son went through with his grief may have brought out the Bipolar disorder he was diagnosed with, but it would not have caused it. Nor could you have prevented it by getting him therapy. It would have only delayed it showing up.

What you feel it natural for a mother to feel about having a child with a disorder. Most responsible and caring mothers feel as you do. If you feel this bothers you enough to interrupt your daily life, you may want to try therapy just to help you feel better. You might also want to talk to other parents who have children the same situation. Here is a resource to help:

I hope this has helped you,
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Thank you so much for the positive rating and bonus. I appreciate it!

My best to you and your son,

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