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Dr. Mark
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Since my son did have psychosis with his first episode of mania

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Since my son did have psychosis with his first episode of mania and diagnosis of bipolar disorder does this mean that treatment and control will be more difficult. Does it mean that he would have less chance of success at some point in the future of it being controlled by say natural supplements or diet?

Hi! I'll be glad to be of help with this issue as well.

I am very enthusiastic about natural supplements and diets. However, I do not believe that it would be truthful to say that supplements and diet will control Bipolar Disorder (BD) that is severe enough to have had a full manic episode with psychotic features. Even though I've seen herbal remedies and supplements and diet help so many maladies, there is no evidence that they will control BD with psychosis.

I can imagine how hopeful that would be. And I wish it were effective. But let me tell you what will help your son most for the long run: being faithful to take his medications, finding a good psychologist/psychotherapist to work on managing the symptoms, and being very strict about taking the medications no matter what he feels like. These steps will keep him within the mood range he needs to be and keep the psychotic tendencies from coming to the fore.

The longer that he can stay stable, the greater his chances of slowly lowering medication dosages and perhaps weaning off. But I am talking about very long term prospects. The key for your son is to be stable for a matter of years. That is what his brain needs to thrive.

And he should know that there are quite a few famous people even, in history, who had BD and were able to thrive. Robin Williams, the comedian/actor, for example. The key is that he maintains a strict strategy to stay stable, meaning he takes his medications faithfully and exercises faithfully and eats a healthy diet.

Okay, I wish you the very best!

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