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My son informed me in December that he believes he is transgendered.

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My son informed me in December that he believes he is transgendered. He has abandoned his job, his friends, but is staying close to me ( his mother) and his father inspite of my husband's obvious discomfort with this disclosure.

How can I help my child?
He is struggling right now and wants to be accepted. It is very difficult to want to bond but be different in some way. He may be connecting with you and dad simply because your relationship is the most important and he feels you will accept him unconditionally. You should demonstrate that you accept him in this new role. When you show unconditional love then you send the message that you love him in spite of being different. I would take this a step further by having him join or contact any organizations in your area that offer support. If he feels that he isn't alone and there are others like him then he won't be so prone to disconnect from others. If he has a sense of self confidence then he will ease into relationships with others. Of course there is the self help aisle which could help him better understand his sexuality. There are therapists in most communities that work in the area of sexuality. Find a therapist that understands this lifestyle and can offer advice. He is trusting you with acceptance so let some of this get better over time. Dad may come around too. Role model acceptance and change
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