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my daughter is very unhappy. she does not get along with her

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my daughter is very unhappy. she does not get along with her step mom. it is mutual, neither like each other. we took he to a psychiatrist, and he just wanted to medicate. we took he to a psychologist, and all she wanted to do was be a friend, for $300/ session. i would like some direction to get her help. someone that will actually talk to her, and find out the root of the problem.

she has started doing some things that are dangerous to herself. obsessive online relationships, and cutting to name a couple.

Hello, I'd like to help you with your question.


How often does your daughter see her step mother? And has your daughter's symptoms been an issue for a while or just since she has not been getting along with her step mother? Also, do you suspect any abuse either with the step mother or before then?


Thank you, Kate

Customer: replied 4 years ago.



they see each other everyday. it started out with some minor discipline issues, but it has now escalated to where they threaten each other she has lived with her step mom since she was 3. no physical abuse is suspected, but mental abuse from both sides, towards each other. i imagine the step mom has the upper hand with the authority though.

Thank you for the additional information.

If your daughter is being emotionally abused by her step mother, that could account for most of her symptoms. Anytime a child feels put down, threatened or otherwise hurt, they are not going to be able to cope with the situation well because they do not have the power/authority to stop what is happening. So what occurs instead is the child begins to exhibit symptoms from the stress of the situation, which seems to have occurred in your daughter's situation.

You did the right thing in trying to seek help for your daughter. She needs a therapist to talk to who understands how to treat the symptoms of emotional abuse. But it sounds like your experience in finding someone to help your daughter was not a good one. It helps to keep in mind that finding the right therapist for your daughter is like finding the right doctor. Sometimes you have to try out a few before you find someone you feel comfortable with. To find the right therapist, try a referral from your daughter's physician. You can also contact your daughter's counseling office at school for referrals. Or it may help to search on line at

To help your daughter, see if you can get her out of the situation on a more frequent basis. If that is not possible, then try talking with her as much as you can through phone and other contact. Also, if her father is in the home, talk with him about intervening. Also, see if you can get your daughter support through her school counselor and teachers. If they know the stress your daughter is under, they can watch out for her. Support if vital in helping her cope better and reducing her symptoms.

Learn more about the stresses and symptoms of emotional abuse so you can help your daughter. Here are some resources to help:

Healing the Scars of Emotional Abuse by Gregory L. Ph.D. Jantz and Ann McMurray

I hope this has helped you,
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