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I was just told that my 14 yr old daughter was telling people

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I was just told that my 14 yr old daughter was telling people that she was cutting. I don't think she "really" cut herself, more like a cry for attention...however, I don't want it progressing to the next step. I know she has a hard time in school with peers and think it's time to take her to someone to talk to, help her learn some coping skills. I don't know what specific kind of therapist she needs to see. Is a psychologist ok, or does it need to be a family or child psychologist? Thank you.
Hello, I'd like to help you with your question.

It can be difficult to see your child in pain. Taking her to talk to someone is a great way to help her. Finding the right therapist for her to talk to is important. It can help to start with her pediatrician. Doctors often refer their patients and may know the best therapists in the area for your child.

You can also talk with her school counselor who may also know the best therapists in your area.

You can also search on line. Here is a link to help you:

It is best to have her see a Master's level therapist or a Ph.D. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor trained in psychology. They mostly prescribe mediations, though they can do therapy. Someone with a Master's degree or Ph.D. however just does therapy.

Here is a list of credentials to help you know what you are looking for:

You want to find someone who has either a M.S., M.Ed, M.A., or M.S.W./L.S.W. or Ph.D. These are some of the most common degrees for therapists. Other initials are usually extra certifications or licenses.

The type of therapy that would be most helpful is probably Cognitive Behavioral therapy. That type of therapy can help your daughter identify her thoughts/emotions and change them so she feels better. You can also look for someone who uses an "eclectic" style which includes different types of therapy tailored to your needs.

I hope this has helped you,
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