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Dr. Keane
Dr. Keane, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 1766
Experience:  Clinical Psychology PhD, Licensed Professional Counselor with experience in marriage/family, teens and child psychology.
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Dear Dr. Keane, (live chat) just out of interest, probably

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Dear Dr. Keane, (live chat) just out of interest, probably because for a little while last week, as you know, it did feel a little like I was about to take a step back, but I may be moving on the right track again now, but do you think that other people do that? Go off track and then go back on track, knowing that improvements still have to be made and have a want to make them. I know you’ve said it’s okay to do this, and would the reason be just that we’re all human and it’s something that happens at times? I sometimes like Dickens too and like you, around the holiday time. I’d asked you because I once saw a spoof called ‘Bleak Old Shop of Stuff’. It is humorous and clever how a lot of Dicken’s stories are merged together. It’s certainly different. I think it was on during holiday time last year and year before. It was on the BBC and you may like as you seem like you’d be familiar with the works which means you’d understand the content of the drama. Meant to say as well that you are right about what you've said that I have found it very difficult to put myself first but I am getting there with that. I still feel a bit guilty saying no at times but for a less period of time than I used to. I am trying to look at things, especially those that may have interested me but not got time for, that if I'm busy and got other plans or commitments already organised then that's the way things are and just make my apologies. Still feel a bit guilty at times, even though I don't turn too much down of anything and say when I am next free, but I don't think I beat myself up about it for days on end like I used to about saying no. It's easier to say no if I'm just not interested. I believe that you are also right, that I would have read your post awhile back differently and more how it was intended if I was in a better mood. Thank you for being so understanding. Hope you manage to find the take on Dickens if it appeals to you.

Dr.Keane :

Hi, I think we all go off track at times, you are right it is okay and it's part of being human. Looks like you are back on track right now! Recognizing and understanding that there will be days you aren't feeling chipper and start to think negatively about yourself is key to getting through these times. You deal as it happens, accept it isn't the best of day/days and keep the focus as positive as possible.

Dr.Keane :

Even if there is an interest in doing something but you have time constraints it's okay to say no without guilt. Hard to break old habits though isn't it?

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