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My son is 9yrs old and he is having all the symptoms of ADHD

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My son is 9yrs old and he is having all the symptoms of ADHD what can I do to help/

Hello, I'd like to help you with your question.

It can be frightening to hear that your child has diagnosis, especially when the options are unclear and you are not sure where to turn.

More than half of all ADHD cases are diagnosed incorrectly and be caused by a variety of issues including sleep issues, nutrition, etc. So being sure your son does have ADHD is key. That includes getting a second opinion if you feel it is needed.

Therapy is an excellent option for your son so he can not only be monitored, but he can have a way to talk about the feelings around his diagnosis..You may want to try a therapist who can use behavioral reinforcement techniques with your child to help with the symptoms. You may also want to ask your doctor if there are any specializing pediatricians that may help your child avoid medications and seek alternative treatments in case you do not want to use medication with your child.

Also, medications can help a lot if the diagnosis is correct (on a short
term basis, less than one year) to assist your child to focus. The medications
work by stimulating the pre frontal cortex of the brain. In ADHD children, this
area of the brain is immature and has trouble dealing with the impulses from
the central part of the brain where wants and desires emerge. The medication
simply "wakes up" the pre frontal cortex further and allows it to function
as it should.

These medications do have some side effects such as possible sleep issues
and changes in appetite. However, for short term use, they are usually
considered safe.

I hope this has helped you,



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