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I have had growing concerns for my mothers mental well-being

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I have had growing concerns for my mother's mental well-being over the years, and I am not sure whether it's more apparent to me now that I am old enough to really understand what is wrong with her, or if it's because she's getting worse. My mother has serious delusions and breaks from reality that seem to be getting worse. I am 25 years old and my mother is 51, we live in Sacramento, CA. I have a sister who is in the Air Force, lives in Arkansas, has a child and is going through a divorce right now. My sister has basically given up on my mom and I think she feels my mother acts the way she does intentionally. I think that is partially true, but I also believe my mother has some serious mental illnesses that have gone untreated and have continued to get worse. My mother is unemployed and she is homeless, and I feel that her mental illnesses have prevented her from being able to find work. I know she needs psychiatric treatment, but I can't afford to pay for her to be treated. If anyone has any advice regarding my situation, I would very much appreciate it.

Your mom may be able to receive mental health through her local community mental health center. These centers generally serve those without insurance or on limited income.

Once she connects w/ a social worker/case manager there, they may be able to help her apply for social security disability based on her diagnosis/symptoms. Some agencies may offer "assisted living" of sorts also depending on the severity of her illness.
At these centers individuals can access a psychiatrist and a counselor.

If she is prescribed medication, many pharmacological companies offer financial assistance to individuals. A person may apply on each company's individual website or through

To find the nearest community mental health center, you may search the web by including her state/area of residence and community mental health. Or, you could phone the United Way toll free # XXXXX to be dialed from a land line phone.

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