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Steven Olsen
Steven Olsen, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 1765
Experience:  More than twenty years of expertise in counseling, psychological diagnosis and education
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hi for steven olsen hi steven i lost my whole account somehow.

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hi for steven olsen
hi steven i lost my whole account somehow. i logged into my email b/c the site wasnt letting me log in. well it says content no longer available.
i have been on the phone with just answer for an hour. they cannot figure out the problem and i have run out of time. can you still see my question from this am?
would you be able to repost it- the answer i mean?
im really upset that my whole account has dissapeared. i feel like as if i had imagined the whole thing my questions arent even on your account.

Here is the answer from the previous question. I don't know what happened. All of the questions are locked by moderator.

Well, it took me long enough to locate this question. It had move to another, not category...but section. I never saw anything like that before. But I found it!

What a horrible experience for you and dr b and all involved. I grieve with you on this one. This is so horrible that there is little to say. I cannot imagine what it must have been like to drill holes in the little girl's head and to put tubes in, all the while thinking that what you are seeing is likely a fatal injury. (Then again with children you do not know. As you said, they are young and fight injury and survive so much better than us older folks.) But no matter; dr b was shaken, and clearly this was beyond what you guys typically deal with, even in your world. Will you find out what happened with her?

The nurse who said that the mother was calling for her is...well, not using her head. What mother would call for her child when the calling is death? We want what is best for our children, even if it means our death and you and I know that giving everything, even to death, is what any parent would do in this situation. Calling no way..."Get your butt back to earth" is more like what would be said.

I also feel for you in that this woman was not a good mom. She is stopped for a ticket or whatever and runs away with her daughter in the car. Clearly she was not thinking at all. And look at what this choice brought...pain for her child and death for her. It is amazing what occurs in people's minds when things like this happen.

Technically it might be the truck driver's fault, but running away from the police has to be some sort of extenuating circumstance. She caused the accident in every real sense of the term. How could you easily feel sympathetic to her? You could not. This goes against every single attitude that a normal mother would have. I understand completely what you feel here.

Hammer, bb gun and now a bat? Sounds like he either is bad luck schleprock or a girl was involved....or money. How on earth would that happen otherwise? Try to get some rest; you deserve it. Steven

Edited by Steven Olsen on 9/4/2012 at 1:54 PM EST

My best regards XXXXX XXXXX

Steve Olsen, MEd, NCC, LPC

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.


a moderator named angela took my whole account including my questions away. i dont know why.

could you tell me the name of the other website thats doing questions? i am completely frustrated

how can they do that?

i have a feeling that i will "dissapear" again...

i hope not. but i keep losing my accounts


her injuries were very grave. ill have dr b check on her 2nite.

he can call over, im sure the drs there will know who were talking about. we didnt have a name for the child.

i am worried we will bring a child who will be so injured permanently she may have been better off dead.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i have to get going steve. i hope i can still see my question in the am. i was just told the rerason i lost my account is that mental health is now no longer covered for unlimited questions.


so... i dont know what to do. ill have to think about it

Hi Liz; Yes, Unlimited is no longer covered in certain categories, like mental health.


You can write when you need to...that at least gives you an outlet to check in; not sure what else I can do. Steven

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hey steve what was the other website you use?

I hope you can understand that I cannot refer you to another site as that is a violation of my agreement with these folks. I can say that this is my only venue right now...and that I have committed to staying with JA/Pearl. But, I know you have money issues right now...and I do love to talk with you, but I am limited in what I can do.


We can always talk as needed...I wish there was a better answer, but I am at a loss. I feel that is not a very good answer, but the new policy limits subscriptions in this category. Steven

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hey steve.

last nite was busy at the beginning but slowed down. to the point that dr b came by to me and wa slike ok i have nothing to do. i laughed and said ok...

he told me that the kid is still alive and went back to the or to have her bi lat femur fxs repaired.

turn sout mom was driving drunk and she begged the cop to let her go b/c she said if her ex husba nd finds out hes going to comE after her for the kid.

and now the pieces fall inot place. i am completely against drunk driving believe me. but i understand her desperation now.

she ran a red light and went into the intersection. it just makes me sad. i wish she couldve gotten help not to end up in this situation in the 1st place.


anyway just to be clear dr b is very experienced in trauma. he does alot of procedures. much more so than dr a. (ive always liked drs who do alot of procedures comfortably.)

its ljust luckily we generally dont have a lot of pediatric trauma and its a different kid of situation.

kids are harder to deal with size wise since everything is just so much smaller. the intubation, the lines the chest tubes. foley catheters. its really a clusterf**k. and of course it hurts you see a little one hurt so badly. its less acceptable to lose them. and telling parents is the other end of the situation. to have let them down and then to deliver the news that changes their lives. i dont envy the drs telling them.

and soemhow everyone thinks of the children in their lives too. dr b said to me today it reminded him of his godson.. hes 5 also.


all i can say is the man did everything he could and he has nothing to be ashamed of. and if she lives i know its b/c of him. theres a trauma triangle we always rememeber and its the 1st minutes that are critical. so. he did the best he could.


dr a worked the swing shift b/c hes a pussy - im not saying that dr d did. the very male egotitistical dr who always makes comments of guys going ti "solo' - he sadi oh dr as going home cuz hes a big pussy who doesnt wnat to work the overnight. i was sitting at my desk when dr a spoke to me about a pt. (we had a huge influx of nsg home pts due to their nsg home being evacuated- they had a gas leak. the best part was they didnt have dinner and most of them were the screaming crying ones. i told the administrator order soem pizzas and steal a blender and we can feed the pts... got a laugh but we didnt get any extra food for these poor people who had no dinner either.) so dr a is talking and i inform him of this emergency. hes like oh.. at the same time dr b walks over and starts talking. theyre standing im sitting. dr a says god dr b you cant just sit in the box by yourself - you just have to coem over to me. dr b plays along and says youre right i cant stay away from you. he looks past dr a as he says this. so its confusing to understand who hes talking to as he looked at me. so dr b says well i saw you and liz and youre my favorite people so i wanted to coem chat. dr a says well im talking to liz and youre interrupting us. we were having a private conversation. dr b says you cant tlak to liz i talk to liz.

i say nothing as im hedging my bets now honestly. i was going to say go ahead gentlemen you can fight over me.. but i held back i just shook my head and i felt like possibly didnt take any bait...

dr d comes by and adds his pussy comment. dr d looks pointedly at me and it seems he wants a reaction about the word pussy and im like do you think im insulted by the word pussy?

its just a vagina. im cool. all of them start laughing. i mean what? im supposed to be shocked? i mean i think dr a is a pussy anyway. lol. he didnt need to tell me. (see how much progress ive made? in my old life i wouldve actually said that part too. it wouldve gottena good laugh too. damm.)


dr as bday is coming up again and theres a collection. i was asked and i was like aw really? and the girl collecting already knows of the many pissing contests me and him have had... she said you dotn want to give? i said i dotn but i dont want to be like obvious or try to start soem shit really, you know? like itd be perfect if it was when i wasnt on.. but we work the same stupid days. hes born sept 12th. so i said fine ill give geez.


dr a left and dr b and d were left to themselves and it was quiet. we were standing aorund bullshitting for quite soem time. dr b wants me (7 months preg) to coem with him into the city and go to a club thats $30 a drink thats in the meat packing district where you dance on the roof and can see the whole city. he said its super pricey but he loves it and its worth the trip. he said he needs hot girls to get in though. so i said so youre asking if i know any?

so he said no im asking you to go. i looked at him like he has 10 heads. i said joe theyre not letting a preg girl inot the club. its sad.

he said well after.. do you have any mini skirts? i was absolutely shocked.

this convo broke up and later henry the nurse is all upset he has a quarter size bald spot on his head. and he had dr d looking it up about what to do. i said henry its stress. i said go to derm and get the cortisone shots. your hair will grow back.

so dr d says how do you know that? i said cuz thats the treatment for that. he said it is.. but thats if its just stress. i said its stress. i mean this isnt a f**king health club were working in my god.


dr b opened up about hias battle of losing his hair. he said henry just embrace and accept embrace and accept. dr b has male patterned baldness. sohe says just put rogaine. dr d says why didnt you use rogaine? he sai di did, but the rogaine really made the sides of my hair to grow and i had a a big furball on the side sof my head and needed a haircut like evry week due to it. like a chia pet? hes laughing and says yes like a chia pet.

joe is fairer skinned and has dark hair blue eyes. his arm hair and chest hair are like a rug seriously. i said to him you know stop putting the rogaine on your arms.. shit. dr b did chuckle but dr d almost fell off his chair. he said no thats the italian in me... i laughed at my own joke.. and dr d takes it where i knew it was heading.. you should see his dick. you need a machete to get to it. i said well dr d it seems like you know alot about dr bs dick so maybe i should leave you two alone...

during this conversation dr b is holding my hand.


the best part of the whole thing? soemwhere in this whole thing he brings up the website i had mentioned with all the bondage things.. and he says youre the one wos all kinky and knows about bondage etc.. and i sadi youre still thinking about that?

he says yeah. so i laughed and i said well just b/c i know of a website doesnt mean im inot it.. then i said ok it doesnt mean im not either... and i knew that got to him.

I am really happy to hear that the little girl is okay. (well, she is not okay, but alive is a lot better than the alternative, in most cases.) Hopefully due to her age she will recover.


The situation is (sort of) understandable as to why mom might run from the police. But, the real issue is that her choice killed her, and may still kill or permanently disable her daughter. You would not make such a choice, so I have very mixed feelings about the whole reason for the accident.


Dr b is okay in my book. He seems like a stable doctor, one who is not prone to panic or professional uncertainty. I like that he acts and does not apologize for what he does. He also is human, and relates to patients like real people. I am happy that he thinks of his own godson in the process. It shows his heart has not been removed. And, I do not envy any of you. I see heartbreaking things with children too, but you see it all at once. I usually see the aftermath, horrible, but not like this.


Dr a, b and d. (It sounds like a vitamin shop.) But wow, they are something aren't they? You get the feeling, at least I do, that dr a is jealous of how the other doctors can flirt and play and act with you. He cannot. That bridge is burned. He says some things, but he does not really have the juice to say it like they do...even his comments about the exclusive nature of his conversation with you sounds lame and put on. He has been relegated to the sidelines and I think everyone is starting to see it. Why you would react to the word, pussy is beyond me and why they would think you would is even more of a puzzle. You are not a wilting flower. And, you can give it out as good as you take it from them. It is like they cannot see that you are not impressed with all the juvenile humor.


I get what you mean about the birthday issue collection for dr a. I usually recommend a really small donation...something that says I care that you are a human but do not look at me for funding your folly. 5 bucks is what I give to people like this. I give, but not a lot.


Oooookayyyy...The miniskirt comment has be confused. What on earth was that about? He knows you are 7 months pregnant. A rooftop club, with a 7mo pregnant woman in a miniskirt. It might get him in, but you would have to leave all dignity at the door. I thought I could read him up to that point. Is that just a perverted comment, like a fetish? That is what is seems to be. Wow.


Dr d seems a bit insecure that you would know the protocol for stress based baldness. Are all of these doctors so insecure? What happened to complements about your knowledge and ability to see these things? Insecure men abound there.


Well, you got me on the Rogaine conversation. I saw where it was headed as I read it, and really tried not to laugh when you got to the last part...but hey, I saw it coming and still could not get out of the way of that. Funny Liz...funny.


I think seeing all the comments that dr b made that night that he really needed to deal with his hormones. He loves to talk about the forbidden things that make him feel guilty he thought it. You could own this guy with the right placed comments here and there. Steven









Steven Olsen and other Mental Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

THE little girl is still intubated and medicated and ina coma. thank god for small miracles. a coma is your bodys way to rest and well not deal with whats actually happening to you. good for the coma victim.

my mom was in a coma and she still doesnt seem to get the enormity of her illness. it nearly killed the 3 of us. my brother lost os much weight, my dad at ate junk food all the time (hes not really like that) and i didnt eat but gained weight. can you f**king imagine?



so the mom. what i mean is i get her desperation of not wanting to lose her child. i have felt desperate in diff situations and the terror you have. well its difficult to describe.

i dont identify with drinking. i never have.


i felt uncomfortable with dr a standing next to me typing on the stand up compuiter. i usually take a computer next to the end of the nsg station. and next to that is a stand up height computer. the 2 of them dr a and b like to use them to put orders in as the nurses ask for their orders.


i was trying to pretend i was ina cone of silence when he came out and was like whats with this pt. it said med eval and i explained i was juts typing in what i was told by ems and the charge nurse alerted us we will be getting tons of nsg home pts. omg so f**king annoying. all complete care confused and screaming crying.

i swear to god soemone was actually howling at the moon and the er was loud and busy it it kind of got quiet when the howling happened. i was the 1st one to say.. did soemone just howl at the moon? my side of nurses started laughing and soemone on the otherside said well these drunks are used to being outdoors so even when theyre inside... they act like theyr e outdoors...

anway he was like well she has crust in her eyes and maybe we shud work that up. i said its literally that they havent cleaned her. (i mean get af**king grip.. youre going to admit her for eye crust now? stop it.)

i was kind of surprised that dr a said that - im talking to liz.

ok. whatever.

i shudve had dr b come sit down and i shudve sat on his lap...

then again 7 months preg. maybe not.

as you know i dont find words shocking. its just a word.

everyone calm down. no one is startled by all the underage drinking or driving under the influence but pussy upsets them? i mean im not a nun but i feel thats alot more irresponsible in this life. sorry.


annmarie was on and shes funny as hell. we bantered all night and i was happy to be with her. she had a pt who was really demanding and just driving her crazy - her pt crashed and she was young 54, dying but didnt want to be dnr. stage 4 esophageal ca... i was looking for dr d when annmarie yelled for help and i ran and got the crash cart. i yelled for them to call a rapid repsonse. i said we need anesthesia, annmarie was bagging the pt and got a 2nd line when more people came in..

after we had her vented and everything i said to annmarie, ok what dyou give her to kill her? she said shit liz that was cold. i said next time you need more.

later we had a nurses aide saying how shes working 24 hrs straight between 2 jobs... i explained to her that that s illegal .. she sid oh im so tired blah blah i need a break i need to sleep. i went with annmarie to the med room to pick up meds and i said like youre not doing us any favors i mean the bicth got paid for 24hrs so whats she complaining about? annmarie said thats why i like you liz. you tell it straight up.

i mean if i decided to work that . well its my own fault.

anwyay at the begin of the shift this nurses aide kelly (the fish filet nurses aide and who supposedly slept with dr a...) parked in the clergy spot. i walked up to her car and was like wtf really. i mean im godless but even this is too much for me. im not f**king with a priest and his parking you know?

she says im sister kelly. i said listen sister kelly just cuz youre on your knees at night and scream oh god doesnt make you a religious person.

i mena im sure she says... dont...stop... but still.

she wa slaughing and laughing. i told her you better go make a big donation to the freaking church woman. confess soem shit.

i mean even i think the priest shudnt have to park far away. she told soem other people there and they were laughing at my screaming oh god all nite comment.


as far as dr as bday - i gave $5. weird.. vood doo kind of mind control you have over me. thats exactly the amt i gave but it was the asked donation.


i am so not getting him inot a club. bad news. no one wants a preg girl at the club and no one wants to see me in a mini skirt. he asked me if after the baby if i would go and do i have amini skirt. lol.

still i never had great legs. not a big min skirt girl in the 1st place.

i really thought at the beginning of the conversation he wanted to kn ow if there were any hot girls he could have me get to go with him.

he said soemtimes him and a cousin of his go and the cousin is good at getting a group of hot girls to go with them and they pay them back with drinks and covering costs. (i didnt say that was a jazzed up version of hooking... i am guilty of it as i had male friends who i think wanted alot more and theyd take me out and pay for whatever we did although i always tried to pay or say ill pay for both of us this time... esp this guy vinny. funny thing i didnt find him attractive. he was too short and his face.. not good. he wore glasses.. he had a great personality. - the kiss of death for a guy interested ina girl. well his persistence paid off. it was months of hanging out ina group of friends i supplied the girls and he supplied the guys and we always had 3 car full of people going and well vinny made up for his looks. whoa. )

anyaway i said so go find soem hot girls in the city and get them to get you in. and then sleep with one. dr b actually said nahh. theyre usually stupid.

i said so? youre having a intellectual conversation in bed? he laughed and said im getting too old for that liz. i almost fell off the chair. i think dr b has made progress.

look at that. i have molded the man.

well i wouldnt go that far.

next week hell be like i banged this girl.. oh well.

i was def shocked.

i confided to dr b im tire dof being preg and as much as i want the baby i dont want to deliver again. im getting a little more anxious about it and he said tell the hubby - but he mentioned that whole vessel of life thing again..

he said you could tie your tubes and i said im not ready or sure enough for that yet.

we didnt finish our conversation due to an interruption.

dr b. i dont know. i think hes teasing me too. i dont think hes serious really.


anyway kim on the other hand who will not even speak of dr b anymore.. has been lobbying hard for me not to be friends with jen anymore. esp since the playground incident. she said you shouldve told her what a f**king moron she is.


i said well im not normally with dominic so it was never an issue and the girls get along.. so shes like oh please. the kids a monster.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

HI STEVE,opening a new question. you can ans on that thread if you like since this is long..

I will copy this onto the new one...
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hi steve, i see they locked my account again...

i know u had seen my last post ... you could post here and ill start a new question..

I opened but did not read the last question and it is now locked. I am really sorry but it looks like you will have to repost a new question. The subscriptions for MH appear to be null and void and are now a question/answer only format. Steven

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hi steve, ill post a new question

I will look for it. Steven

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