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My grandaughter is becoming impossible to deal with. She is

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My grandaughter is becoming impossible to deal with. She is almost 14 and has emotional outbursts regularly at school and at home. This last week she stayed home from school for vomiting and it turned out she had a big fight (not physical) with girls at school and was my daughter thinks that was making her sick. She then proceded to be rude and obnoxious when she went out to dinner with my daughter and her fiance, who then told my daughter they could not be together if Hannah continued to be out of control. My daughter is devastated. There is a long history of horrible behavior when the fiance is around. We are at our wits end and need help. Local counselors on 2 occasions were not helpful and there is limited health insurance coverage. What can we do?
Hello and thank you for contacting Just Answer:
Even if there is limited health insurance, there should be free mental health care available in your area-especially for adolescents. I would recommend contacting your local hospital or Child Protective Agency to find out what free services they have to offer.
It sounds like your granddaughter is really struggling with adjustment issues, impulse control problems or generalized anxiety. All of these need to be treated asap. It is very uncomfortable for her to feel this way. You may want to find out more about the school situation-she could be being bullied.
It is likely that she will need medication intervention to help her control her mood and behavior. The hospital or CPS should be able to give you names of psychiatrists in your area who treat adolescents or sometimes pediatricians are willing to help.
Your granddaughter is in crisis and crying out for help-that has to be the main concern. It is also important that she is not blamed for trouble with her mother's fiance-it sounds like she already feels badly enough about herself.
I hope this helps and wish you luck,
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