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Sometimes I have to really focus or concentrate close my eyes

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Sometimes I have to really focus or concentrate close my eyes when I last watched the news but normal people shouldn't need to do that and normal people should be able to listen to someone without focusing too hard or concentrating?

It depends. Some people do have to concentrate more than others. And many times concentration goes in and out. Often concentration varies according to interest and attention span. Not many people can focus for long periods of time and may even go in and out of focus during a TV program or the news. So if this trouble concentrating is new for you, it's worth talking to your doctor about. Ruling out medication issues or something like an attention disorder is important. But if this is not new, then it is probably just the way you are able to focus.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I've been not focused or concentrated all my life but just got worser and worser when i knew i had paranoid schizophrenia my whole life since i was born i can remember and can tell? Still not better to now even with new psychiatrist medications like I said before the length of time taken.

If your ability to focus has gotten worse, there needs to be a cause. You may want to ask your doctor to screen you for ADHD. It could be the cause of your worsening ability to focus and concentrate. Medication can help a lot.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I have to make this thread my last one on this account because the support department said I have to pay for each mental health issue that isn't included in the membership now so have to go back to my old account mangawill1 and pay you each time, but only if am happy with your answers you give me does that sound ok otherwise I would keep spending lots of money on each new question I have to ask or if I need help but you say I need to start a new question?. Basically my last questions is my concentration get worser when I get really ill and when I knew I had a mental illness but still not good because took olanzapine for over 7 years then this year February about that to now took those new medications I told you about what do you think or suggest?

Yes, they are ending subscriptions for now, as I have heard. JA is switching to a one question one answer/accept format. Every expert wishes to be paid for their answers (this is a paid site, not free) so if you are planning on not accepting your answers then asking another question, you may need to speak to the moderators about the limits of that plan.


It sounds like you might need a medication review to be sure the medications are not interfering with your concentration. If that is ruled out, then you may want to see your regular physician to ask about other causes. Schizophrenia does affect concentration and may be worsening your ability to focus. Talk to your psychiatrist about your symptoms so they can help.




We do need to start a new thread, if you are still wishing to ask questions.

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