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KansasTherapist, LSCSW
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 566
Experience:  17 years experience with depression, abuse, and borderline.
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I am a 78 year old female who has been taking ritalin for a

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I am a 78 year old female who has been taking ritalin for a long time.
It does not seem to be having the same effect as it has in the past.
My question is: Does this medicine lose it's effectiveness after having taken for a long time. I cannot increase the dosage! I am taking 10mg x three daily now.

KansasTherapist : Hello
KansasTherapist : Many people find as they get older, Ritalin is less effective.


KansasTherapist : Not many people your age take it.

I have been tested a number of times and the need is still there!

KansasTherapist : There are a couple of other non stimulant ADHD medications you could try.
KansasTherapist : Strattera is one
KansasTherapist : Vivance is another.

I am not sure that my insurance will cover either one of these!

KansasTherapist : You have Medicare?

I have tried to taper off the Ritalin, but without it, I cannot concentrate and am like a dead person.


Yes, I do have Medicare plus another coverage.

KansasTherapist : Let me see if I can check. Be right back.
KansasTherapist : What is your zip code?


KansasTherapist : Strattera is on their list. Do you want me to check the other one?

Yes, please


The other meds that I take are:


Clonazepan for seizures

KansasTherapist : Yes, vyvance is there too.

Viibryrd for Depresion


I thought you might like to know what else I am taking.

KansasTherapist : You should be able to take either med with your other medications.

I have a Pys. Dr. who is not the best with meds. I am new to this area. I also talk to a triopist on a regular basis


sorry about the spelling.

KansasTherapist : It's okay.
KansasTherapist : Both Strattera and Vyvance have bn around for 10 years or so. Your doc should know about them, or at least be able to look thm up.

I am really getting dicouraged. I never seem to be able to concentrate. It is though there is wall beteew me and what ever it is I am wainting to do. I try very, very hard too.

KansasTherapist : Let me check something else.

What does Strattera do? Also Vivance. which would you think would be better for me?

KansasTherapist : I thought I remembered Viibryd can cause concentration problems. I checked and it is one of the side effects.

Oh dear, I thought I had checked out all of the side effects on that one.

KansasTherapist : Both Strattera and Vyvance improve concentration but are not amphetamines. The are chemically similar to antidepressants.

The doctor changed my meds in the past three months since the prozac I was taking was just (now dot laugh) my libdo. I have been maried for a year now to a fine man who is still interested in sex, but I had absolutely no interest at all. The Vii did not have that side effect so the doctor felt it might work better for me in that regard


I seem to be in a catch Twenty-two situation!!!

KansasTherapist : Yes, Viibryd is good for that, but maybe bad for you concentration.
KansasTherapist : PIE wonder if you could take a lower dose of e
KansasTherapist : Viibryd

Goodness. When Imoved to Midland, I was on Abilify. It helped a great deal withthe depression, which I have had most of my life, but the doctor here found it was raising my blood sugar level and so my Trigelistats

KansasTherapist : That's too bad, Abilify can be very helpful.

He put me on Wellbutin. I nearly lot it as it did not work for me. I went into a deep depression . Here I was with a new husband and was a mess!

KansasTherapist : You might be able to use Zyprexa instead of Abilify.

Good heavens, at my age, I would just like to have a few years of sort of normal living, get this medication problems straighten out.

KansasTherapist : I can understands that. It doesn't seem too much to ask, to just be happy.

My doctor back home retired, so I cannot get any help from him.


I would settle for content

KansasTherapist : It's a hassle.

I will talk to my Phy doctor this week about trying the meds that you have suggested. Do I need to be tapered off of the ritalin first?

KansasTherapist : I don't think so.

There is not one doctor close by here that specializes in ADD!

KansasTherapist : Really! Even a family practice doc?

Without the ritalin, all I want to do is either just sit in a fog or sleep

KansasTherapist : You may need to take the Ritalin while the other builds up in your system.

I have good family doctor but he feels that my problems with the meds are beyond his expertise

KansasTherapist : Have you asked him to recommend someone else?

Yess, but the Phy doc will not let me see anyone else. Thank you for your suggestions and info on the Ritalin. I think we have covered about all you can do for me at this point.

KansasTherapist : Good luck

Thank you, Goodbye

KansasTherapist : You're welcome.
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