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Steven Olsen
Steven Olsen, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
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Hi, i have to give a presentation on tuesday, and i am very

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Hi, i have to give a presentation on tuesday, and i am very anxious. i have public speaking phobia. Is there any medication to take for this?

When anxiety is an issue for something like public speaking, a temporary medication solution is often a good idea, especially as cognitive behavioral therapy, the best way to deal with such a phobia, is unlikely to be arranged in time for the event.


In reading the list of medication your were given it makes me wonder if simply you were given too much. Sympatholytics, which is what emforal is, is a beta blocker. It will lower your anxiety but it can take your blood pressure down as well. The other is a benzodiazapine and this one in particular, in some people, can give the sensation of being greatly detached and even "drunk". It may have been your dosage here as well.


You want to be a little anxious when you present as that makes you better, but you do not want to be frightened and scared.


Best practice: Ask your doctor about other benzodiazapines (and other alternatives) such as Xanax and Ativan. They have a good track record for being used for presentation anxiety. Even BuSpar, given enough in advance, can sometimes help as well. After this event is over, seek out a CBT therapist who can help you rid yourself of this phobia once and for all. Steven

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for answering,

What xanax and Ativan do? they are anxiolytic? they have better performance than lexotanil? i will be ok with those, or i will fill again drunk? I can take those pills an hour before presentation as well as lexotanil and propanolol? i have to take only one of them, or in combination with propanolol? if i use emforal and lexotanil in lower doses it will be OK? I want exactly what you say before: to have a little anxious, in order to be in contact, but was terrified before the presentation an i took higher doses. i start with lower, and after i was taking more to be sure that everything will be ok.

You do not want to take more than ativan or xanax in combination. For what you need these for, combination dosages are not needed. Indeed, I have seen people who were terrified of flying, fly on a plane using Ativan alone, and they were literally terrified of flying. (Yes, about an 30 minutes to an hour before is the usual protocol.)


And you need to know that these people, now medicated, were functional.


The problem previously as I see it was your dosage and the fact that the medications you were given may have dropped your blood pressure in addition to "relaxing" you. Too much medication is as bad as too little and you should always, always take the medication as a trial dose a few days before the presentation to see how you feel.

Sadly, because biochemistry is different in all people we cannot say what a reaction will be like 100%. But, I can say that Ativan or Xanax tend to be excellent choices and are well used for the purpose you wish. If it was me, I would try, with doctor's permission of course, one of these medications alone, and not in combination with others. One is definitely enough for anxiety reduction and presentations. Steven

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

So xanax or ativan don't make you feel drunk or drowssy, or lypothymic?

I will be ok, to remember my words, for the presentation, and answer the questions? I understand what you say, that i should try the medication days before the presentation to see the reaction of them.But from your experience with other peaple, what they say about those pills? They have good performance with the presentation? What kind of doctor will prescribe me those medications? a pathologyst for example?

In the right dosage, Ativan and Xanax reduce anxiety well, but do not give side effects to the level you described occurred with your last medications. All anti-anxiety medications can give you undesired side effects, but these do not give you "blank moments" or loss of words such as you might fear in a presentation.


I have seen many people use them in presentation situations (and even I did once) and had no ill effects. You can get these in short term dosages from almost any doctor, even a general practitioner. As long as this is not a long term thing, they usually will not hesitate to give you a few days worth.


Thank you for letting me help you today. If you have found this conversation helpful, please rate me three stars or above. Steven



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok, a last quastion,

if i use one of these pills in combination with a low dose of emforal will be ok?

In the previous presentations i reffered to, i took both of them simultaneously(lexotanil and emforal). Maiby the combination of those two was the problem? What do you think about omoiopathology medications?

As a final summary: Emforal can be given in conjunction with other anti anxiety medications, but it is not usual to do so. Ativan and Xanax are fast acting and powerful. You do not, unless with a specific physician face to face assessment, typically take these medications together. You can ask to do so, but I have some doubts a physician will prescribe them cojointly.


Some people with anxiety have experienced homeopathic relief with 100mg magnesium glycinate and 10mg zinc and 100 mg calcium. But, as these supplements interact with many other drugs, especially the magnesium, a physician who knows you personally should approve before you use them.


Please rate my replies to you. Again: Thank you. Steven

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