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For Dr Andersen-PART2 July 2, 2012

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For Dr Andersen-PART2 July 2, 2012

Dear Dr Andersen: Its margo with the lorazapem/lyme dilemna:


a. I just found out that dr cameron does NOT believe in any vitamin supplements or IV drips. If I go the lyme route, I am going to explore a doctor that uses supplements too.

b. What I had done today was get blood work for a cd57 test for lyme and cbc test. My psychiatrist is basing lyme on chills that come and go all day, anxiety, depression, fatigue one minute (haven't slept more than 4 or 5 hrs) then hyperactivity other days.

QUESTION 1-Could this all be because of lorazapem?

c.I still am uneasy that 2 lyme docs said no that I don't exhibit state that most of their patients are in. They say i have anxiety and depression.

I am get re-tested by stoney brook lab where their lyme sensitive lab first picked up the bands

QUESTION- 2 Learned in april I have the following vitamin deficiencies: vit b2 riboflavin selenium, serine, vit 3, asparagine, k2, b12 boderline (leaning towards good)....

Suprisingly Magnesium was high

Q3-Is it possible all my anxiety and pinpricks are due to vitamin deficiencies rather than lyme.

q4-should I be re-tested and start vitamin therapy while withdrawing from the lorazapem?


q6- which supplements would help me with sleep and anxiety, cognitive issues, pinpricks??

Again, I know I am asking detailed report and will compensate. Thanks for all your help. Your fan, Margo.

Dr_Anderson :


Dr_Anderson :

(1) Anxiety, mood swings such as low mood or depression, fatigue, and hyperactivity (especially if it is more agitation-like in nature) are certainly possible in Ativan withdrawal, although the chills do not sound very consistent with Ativan withdrawal. There are a lot of physical symptoms here which may be explained by the Ativan, but I am glad your doctors (or at least the psychiatrist) is considering other/all possible angles. Lyme is one such possibility.

Dr_Anderson :

(2) Hopefully you are on supplementation for those! The B vitamin/complex serves in the building process for neurotransmitters, amongst other physiological steps, so replacement is important.

Dr_Anderson :

(3) It is possible - B12 deficiency would be one such culprit.

Dr_Anderson :

(4) Not sure what re-testing for the vitamins would do - instead, I'd focus on supplementation (which is what would be done, anyway), then once a couple months of this is under your belt, you can re-test if the fatigue and other symptoms are still present.

Dr_Anderson :

(5) Fortunately, none are! Your body will also eliminate any of the vitamins it does not need. Given that you are 54, vitamin D and Calcium are also important.

Dr_Anderson :

(6) The vitamin B complex, Omega-3-FA's, and multivitamin with magnesium are all a good idea. Some people will also use GABA (for the anxiety), melatonin (for sleep), Calms forte (for anxiety and cognitive issues), and Ginko (for cognitive issues).

Dr_Anderson :


Dr_Anderson :

Dr. Anderson


Dr Andersen: One last symptom that perhaps needs clarification regarding Lorazapem withdrawal. I went from 1.50mg to 1.25mg - 11 days ago. Q- Does severe insomnia and hyperactivity (manic like) result from withdrawal? I thought as time went on I'd be able to sleep again maintaining this dose level..Its been about 3 to 4 hrs the last couple of days... headaches, flashing blue lights at night, awakening with panic, vivid dreams....I am so wide awake is scary....


Q2- how would you assess this? The bands I got for lyme testing were 37, 41, 45. The test was done at Stonebrook. Had they been done at quest - it would have been positive. Upon retesting at Quest - only band 41 came up.

Q3 I am having sensitivity to light/sound/noise. They say that can be a lorazapem withdrawal. They also say this with panic attacks is another way to diagnose lyme. If I tell the lyme doc my symptoms will he be able to sort out what is lorazapem and what is lyme? What can I do to make sure I get proper diagnosis?--any ideas?

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