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Dr_Anderson, Doctor
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part 2- June28th-FOR DR ANDERSON ONLY Please let me know if

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part 2- June28th-FOR DR ANDERSON ONLY
Please let me know if going to .125mg LESSEN the severity of withdrawal instead of .25mg withdrawal or could it POTENTIALLY be the same? Another of words, what benefit would if any, the smaller decrease have? Am I prolonging agony or helping by making the withdrawal side effects less intense? What experience do your patients say?

Dr_Anderson : It could potentially LESSEN the withdrawal symptoms because the decrease of the total dose is smaller, but since we are on the last bit of Ativan it is also quite possible it may be the same. My advice? Go with the 0.25 mg cut. If the withdrawal symptoms are bad or worse than they have been, Re-ADD 0.125 mg and hold there. If they are not bad, then stay with the 0.25 mg cut. By going with smaller doses, it MAY lessen the withdrawal, but it also prolongs the agony of getting off the Ativan, as you pointed out.
Dr_Anderson : Such a pickle to be in, but you are almost DONE with it! :)
Dr_Anderson : My patients generally have tried it both ways, so I can help guide you whichever path you feel most comfortable with. Success in either choice, because the botXXXXX XXXXXne is they get OFF the medicine. :)
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