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How come I had this really bad dream this morning that my sister had paranoid schizophrenia and OCD it made me feel really bad and scared and worried that am like that that's why I had that dream because I have paranoid schizophrenia and OCD made my heart rate quite bad or increase?

It sounds like you were transferring your feelings from talking about your diagnosis onto your sister in the dream. You have spent a lot of time talking about your diagnosis in the past few days and also about your family and their possible mental health issues. When you talk about those things, it brings a lot of feelings out. And if you are not aware of those feelings or try to push them away and not deal with them, your mind will try to express them in dreams so you can work them out.

It could be that you fear your family does have mental illness in it. That would be frightening because it feels uncontrollable. And when you get scared, your heart rate goes up due to the anxiety. It is normal to feel this way about a bad dream.

It may help you to talk more about your fears around your family and the anxiety you feel about the situation. That can help you process it better and reduce the chance of further nightmares.


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
To you you mean?

Talking to me is fine. Anyway you can get these feelings out will help you.


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
It's hard to talk to my Mum because she doesn't understand and both my dad and me are bothering her now i have to hide everything inside me but my mum says that if i talk too much about my problems it makes it worser but i try not to so does my care coordinator says see her less see if happens less mention problems? But I only want to generally talk about my problems now not go on about it not sure if that's a good idea what i've said so far. Feel like crying now after typing this.

What do you think and I should do?

That's why I had nightmares before maybe of people in the past quite often.

It depends. If you feel you are talking about your feelings because your goal is to feel better and learn to cope better, then talking about your feelings is good. But if you feel you just want to talk and you don't feel any better, maybe even worse, then you may want to limit how much you talk about your emotions.


It's ok to feel upset about it. Coping with the stress is not easy. And you probably have everyone telling you how to handle how you feel. It can be confusing.




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