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At one point I was diagnosed as hypothyroid back in January

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At one point I was diagnosed as hypothyroid back in January 5.88 tsh
A month ago (May 19th ) I had anxiety from an adverse reaction to xanax and paxil
which I was on prior less than a week.
When I was in the hospital - they retook my thyroid.- it was 3.8 normal They put me on Ativan .50 every 6 hrs (which I take by alarm clock) for anxiety
Yesterday (one month later) I was told to cut my 1pm dose to .25mg
I had some chills and normal blood pressures but some pulses around mid 50's
by 8pm the pulse was 60 and 10pm 72.

Today I also at 1pm had only .25mg of the ativan
I went for a walk and was totally exhausted and fell asleep
I woke up 4:30pm 113/79 p 61
then after shower 105/84 p69

QUESTION 1 Are chills and tiredness from being hypothyroid again? or is this
drug withdrawal of ativan????
My appointment to see the thyroid doctor is one month away-can't get sooner

QUESTION 2 - Will Ativan hurt me if I am hypothyroid?

I was told to cut down only by .25mg per week as I am highly drug sensitive

So far had mild chest pains relieved when went for a walk. can deal with that.

QUESTION 3 - Does levothyroxine increase or decrease anxiety .

I am very holistic and hate being put on the ativan. It does help me sleep through the night and the old panic attacks are gone.

I think you really analyze patient's info extremely well and trust your advice and help with these 3 questions. Thank you

Dr_Anderson :

Greetings! This was answered in another question you asked, but ust in case you missed it, I'll re-post it here, too:

Dr_Anderson :

Greetings, and thank you for the follow-on questions. Let me answer each in turn:

(1) Hard to say, because it could be either or both! Although I'm more inclined to cite the Ativan withdrawal as the culprit. Why? It came on very suddenly, from how you describe it. If it were your thyroid, it would be a bit more insidious in onset. Still, it is good to get the TSH, free T4, and T3 rechecked to be on the safe side.

(2) Ativan will not hurt you if you are hypothyroid, although fatigue induced by it may look like hypothyroidism. Ativan, per se, does not have an impact directly either way.

(3) Levothyroxine can do either, depending upon the dose and clinical situation. For example, in a normal thyroid, if a large dose of levothyroxine is given, it may induce anxiety because it mimics hyperthyroidism. But, in a person who is anxious or depressed, a low dose of the medication may lead to improvement of symptoms, whether or not the thyroid is hypo. (Of course, if a person is hyperthyroid, levothyroxine will make a person feel worse!).

Dr_Anderson :

Please let me know if I may of further assistance. Hang in there!

Dr_Anderson :


Dr_Anderson :

Dr. Anderson

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