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Hi Kate, I tried to get out today but was not all that

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Hi Kate,

I tried to get out today but was not all that successful. That, of course just makes me feel worse about myself. But after I picked up my daugther from school, she asked if we could go to the store because she wanted to get my mom something for her birthday. I really really did not want to go then. The late afternoon time is the worst time for me.

But I did agree and went with her to get her item. Now she wants to put our pj's on early and cuddle on the couch to watch a movie. I'm surprised because it's beautiful outside where we live and she is an outdoor type of girl. But I'm happy because I do feel so tired and don't feel like doing anything.

I did go see my hematologist this a.m., who told me that my ferritin level was 12! She told me the ideal number is XXXXX 150. So this plays a big part in my being so tired all the time. I am going in for a Iron IV for 8 hours next week. She is hoping this will raise my iron/hemoglobin levels.

Does laundry count as doing something? Because I did manage to do that. But that's about it. I really didn't do anything else.....i think I just sat around andlet the time go by and wishing it would go by quickly.

I see my therapist tomorrow which is probably a good thing for me right now. I sure hope I can express myself to her. I can never seem to explain to her how bad it has gotten for me lately. Usually I can communicate easily and clearly but not about my emotions/feelings. I do want her to know though.


It's ok that you did not get out much today, Kathy. What you did was fine. Helping your daughter and doing your laundry is enough. And curling up and watching a movie sounds like a fun thing to do! You are spending time doing something your daughter wants to do. It's a bonding activity, something that will help your daughter feel closer to you. It's the small things that count, especially as a parent.


Your low iron levels probably explain some of your tiredness. It will be good to see how much of the low iron levels are affecting you and how much is your emotions once you have had the treatment.


Before you see your therapist, it might help to write down some words that describe how you feel. Get a pen and paper and see what words come to mind. Leave it and come back to it as you want. That way when you see her you can refer to your list to help you.


I hope it goes well tomorrow and you feel better. Sleep well, Kathy. I'll talk with you soon,



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