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My 38 yo son was started on Viibryd about 7-10 days ago....that

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My 38 yo son was started on Viibryd about 7-10 days ago....that medication is fairly new and I am worried about him being on it. He wa put on it for moderate depression. He acts disconnected...cannot focus, will go into a fixed stare....says he does not feel tired and physicallly appears so by his slow ambulation. I know the expected benefits of this medication takes several weeks but I am feeling very uncomfortable with his current mental status and energy level. I have detected no s/s suicidal thoughts to this point. Please share some insight into the continued use of this medication. I feel the symptoms he is exhibiting warrant pause....he is to f/u w/his psychiatrist on May 3.

Dr_Anderson :

Greetings! Thank you for your question. You are quite correct in noting that the medication takes a while to work. Also, a lot of the symptoms you mention may be part of his depression. However, it is equally important to parse out what may be due to the depression, and what might be a side effect of the medicine (both a side effect that may persist and one that may go away with continued use).

Dr_Anderson :

These symptoms of fixed stare, not feeling good, etc., have those been only since the Viibryd? Were they present but worse now?

Dr_Anderson :

I have a number of patients on Viibryd, so please let me know when you come back online so I may assist. Regards, XXXXX XXXXX


yes, the symptoms are worse


His "disconnect" is worse.......focus is much worse.....memory worse.....generalized body pains did precede Viibryd but those even seem more intense as demonstrated by his slow gait.

Dr_Anderson : Then the two most likely possibilities are that (1) the depression itself is worse, and the Viibryd has not started to "kick in" or (2) the Viibryd itself is making him feel worse. Viibryd is a good medicine, but it can lead to too much serotonin because it works on it in two different ways (unlike older meds in its class that generally work on serotonin only one way).
Dr_Anderson : Given all you've said, my concern is the Viibryd is not a good fit. What dose is he on?
Dr_Anderson : I see you arevo
Dr_Anderson : Are offline again, please re-contact me when you are able!

I di not remember.....he told me days ago. I know the med should not be stopped I presume you are trying to establish if he is on the starter dosage. I do know the med has not been increased since beginning on it.

Dr_Anderson : Likely he is on only 10 mg then, since the starter kit (2 week supply) starts out at 10 mg for week 1. While he can certainly try to advance to 20 mg or tough it out at the current dose, I'd have a low threshold for saying this medicine is not a good fit for him. While it is common to feel poorly during depression, it is not desireable to have th treatment make the person feel worse.
Dr_Anderson : At most, I'd give it another week. If he is still feeling poorly, or worse, then talk to his doctor about stopping it and switching to something else.
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