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Category: Mental Health
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can the anxiety make your throat numb too? It feels like I

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can the anxiety make your throat numb too? It feels like I can't feel anything when I swallow.

Thank you for the request!


Anxiety can cause your throat to feel numb too. When you get anxious, your sympathic nervous system reacts. Your throat is part of your sympathic nervous system so when you get anxious, it can be affected too.


Changing your thoughts is very helpful in dealing with this. Tell yourself that it is normal to feel as you do. It may not feel like it, but it is. Allow the anxiety to flow over you and accept it as much as you can. This might be hard to do at first, but the more you practice, the more you will get used to it and start to calm down. And while you are telling yourself that you are ok, take a deep breath. Practice relaxing your body as much as you can. Tense then let go of each muscle group. This is called Progressive Muscle relaxation. Here is a link to help you:



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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I'm sorry to keep bugging you but I asked you a question earlier about numbness in my mouth and throat. Could this numbness be oral cancer? I looked on the internet and when I looked up numbness of the mouth it said oral cancer everywhere! This is causing me extreme panic! If it is cancer causing the numbness is it to far advanced to treat?


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Person's Gender: Female
Person's Age: 31

Already Tried:
anxiety meds. I am so anxious now I can't even talk myself down from the panic. I can't see my ob doctor until the 11th(I'm pregnant). Hardly leave the house at all. I'm scared I will pass out when I leave the house.

Hi! It's good to hear from you. You are not bugging me at all. I am glad to be here for you. Anxiety is hard to cope with. I understand how you feel.


It is highly doubtful that you have oral cancer. For one, you would probably have more than one symptom. It is unusual to have just one symptom and that is all you notice. Also, oral cancer is usually caused by smoking (after a number of years) and/or excessive use of alcohol.


Anxiety, however, is more likely the cause. It is extremely common to fear an illness like cancer when you have anxiety. That is because an illness feels out of control and when you have anxiety, anything that makes you feel out of control tends to become the focus.


You can help yourself by taking steps to address your fear. Start by seeing your doctor to rule out any illness (mostly to give you peace of mind). Then work on this fear as we talked about in the last posts. It helps to change your thinking and work on facing your fear i.e, "So what if I did have cancer? I would handle it like anyone else would. I would get help, work with my doctors, and get better." If you face the fear, it can no longer have a hold over you.


Write anytime you need to. I'm here to help. I know how anxiety can disrupt your life. Talking about it helps.



TherapistMarryAnn and other Mental Health Specialists are ready to help you