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Heidi LPC
Heidi LPC, Psychotherapist
Category: Mental Health
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how does it affect your 6 year child to open about thing like

Customer Question

how does it affect your 6 year child to open about thing like the war in Iraq, and not only watch but explan the news to him
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Heidi LPC replied 5 years ago.

Heidi LPC :

Hi there! I am hoping to be of some assistance to you here tonight; I am wondering if you can tell me a little more about your question?

Heidi LPC :

Are you wanting to share the news with him? Is someone else? Has he reacted in a particular way to this, or is it just something you are wondering in general?


jest in general I thought that mybe he could stste devoliping opions and and an awereness of the world around him, and was wondering if children are smarted later if they have this type of stimules now

Heidi LPC :

Well, generally, our goal in parenting is to create secure, confident, curious kids who feel safe in their world. Sadly, the news in our world at times can create fear, not just in children but in adults as well. It is certainly helpful for kids to learn about their world, but truly only about the age-appropriate things that affect them on their level. For instance, if a panda bear was born in the zoo, watching a news story about it would expose them to a rare animal and they could then take steps to explore different types of bears as a result. On the other hand, war is scary, violent, and sadly, neither children nor adults have any control over what happens. All we can do is feel fear from that. So when you are choosing current events to share with kids, you always want to consider their level of understanding, what feelings the information will create, and whether or not a child can truly comprehend the information. At the age of 6, I would have to say that war, violence, destruction, severe storms and other things that could create fear should be things that we protect kids from rather than expose them to. Does that make any sense or answer the question?



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