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I spoke with him via email and asked if we could meet on sunday

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I spoke with him via email and asked if we could meet on sunday and he replied Hi Judy! Thanks for your response . However, I'll be unable to meet on Sunday! How about meeting on Tuesday 3-6 at 7 PM at the Big Boy on M-59 and Airport Road in Waterford, If That Day/date/time/venue is acceptable ot you. Thanks again, take care, have agreat Leap Year Day, please advise and remain pretty. Dave
than I replied:

Awww thanks Dave...I think that date, time and place is fine. I will plan on that. I haven't been down that way in some time but I lived in Union Lake (when it was called that) for 20 years and know where it's at. That's a good suggestion. See you there, maybe we can touch base before hand. k?
Have a great night!

I kinda wish we could meet earlier, but that is alright. i don't wish to sound too anxious. If we met ealier it would be dinner time and this is only for coffee, but I could met him at 4pm. Does it sound like that would be alright to ask if that would be possible...I think i should just leave it be.

Exactly - you don't want to seem too eager/anxious just interested and receptive. The wheels are turning for you!


Customer: replied 4 years ago.
i just saw him online and he was on and had his chat open so i wrote he didn't respond so I left... oh well he probably wonders why I am home or he doesn't really know where I am at ??? Now i feel awkward
You know some people can leave that open and still not be sitting at the computer to be able to see your post and reply. No need to feel awkward. Just wait for him to reply next.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
It showed he was on for 4 minutes only lol...well I will just wait for him to respond. I am having a bit of anxiety now...I was really busy and I will get ready to meet my son in a couple of hours. How does one get by the jittery feelings of some times being alone?

You may see your time as being alone as a period for self regeneration, self care and relaxation (peaceful activities) It is what you think about the time alone that evokes the feelings of anxiety. Rather than thinking anxiety provoking thoughts, you may turn these into exciting ones. Ex: think about what to wear on the date, what you may want to talk about or ask him, if you want to get a new outfit or do your nails, etc. Anything rewarding that comes to mind. You can also try to find out about this place of meeting- what kind of atmosphere does it offer, what menu, etc.

When you feel anxious, place your mind onto your breathing to use deep abdominal breaths. The mind responds to both positive mental inductions as well as to calming physiological changes. You can even light a scented candle and play relaxing music that you like, or take a bath. Anything that has helped you in the past to calm down. This is your time to enjoy not stress over.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes, i am thinking of what to wear. The resturant is a family place nothing cozy or romantic at all. It is nothing to write home about... I don't think any food will be involved. They have desserts but I don't really think that would be good...I guess it's just having coffee and conversation. I am easy going enough and out going. Some times I am a little shy when I first meet someone. I will be on time.

I would like to check out his profile again but he has the super profike package and can tell every thing I am doing of I go online...if i viewed him, what time, how long I have been online. I am staying off that for now.

Oh, the super package hey? I've never even heard of that. Just don't Check too much so it does not seem like you're anxious. Let him be the one to pursue you.

Coffee and a chat sounds casual and relaxing. That is way better than a bar.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I agree... I will have fun. Thank you for helping me get over the humps. I need to manage my time alone in a healthier way. I think I just ran out of things to do and I should work on enjoying life. So, he should email me to ask or what ever if we are still on...and i am not to write, which I do not want to anyway. So, it sounds like he is still interested and I have done alright ? i will let you go after this one
You were too focused on the destination rather than enjoying the journey. Wait for him to write back. You've already expressed your interest in meeting/talking w/ him. You've done right.
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