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weed addiction does it exists?

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weed addiction does it exists?
Hello, I am a psychiatrist.
Yes, people can and do become addicted to marijuana. The formal medical name for it is cannabis dependence.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

My original questions is much longer if I typed the question it did not aloow me to send it so I just wrote a one sentence question.

The real problem is this, my son is smoking weed. I have grown up in another country so I have never seen weed in my life until recently. I went to high school and college in my native country, have never seen weed, did not know any one who ever used it, did not know how it smelled, i did not know exactly what it was.

My son got caught in high school with weed and high from it. That is first time i became aware of this . He was suspended for 10 days and we have done mandatory drug testing for 6 months until he graduated . So I am pretty sure he has not smoked in that period. Later when me and my husband tough the problem has been solved, he starte dto smoke again. he continues in college. He tells me it is not addictive an dall his friends and even some professors smoke it. Id this tru is this the standart in collges. what should I do?

A lot of people do smoke it, but it is not "standard."
It sounds like he needs to be told that if he isn't actively participating in substance abuse treatment and/or he is continues to smoke it then you won't pay for him to go to college, or give him spending money, etc. (if you are).
My guess is that he won't stop smoking it until the "cost" of smoking it (in terms of the consequences for doing so) is higher than the enjoyment he receives from it.
if you call the police on him when he's smoking it, he'll discover the cost of smoking it quickly.
Does this make sense?
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