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Category: Mental Health
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Kate, Thanks for your explanation and agreeing to continue

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Thanks for your explanation and agreeing to continue to talk with me. I appreciate it. I understand there is only so much you can do without knowing what is going on especially when I felt like hurting myself. However, I just felt really cornered and alone. I know this is my fault because I am not sharing. I wish I could at this point.

I have not been dealing well with what happened with me. I know you can't offer up much in the way of help when you don't know what happened but I'm just not ready to discuss it.

I have not told any family members or even my partner. It is just very difficult. I have not been coping well since our last postings nearly 2 weeks ago. I still have feelings of wanting to stop dealing with life but am trying distraction as a way to cope. Most nights I just cry. I can't even journal yet. But I know that I need to stay as strong as possible for my daughter. Things are just too fresh for me right now to cope with it.

I'm not sure what else I can do or say. Thanks again for being so understanding.




I understand. What ever is going on, it is helpful to talk about how you feel. Even if you are not willing to share the actual event, talking can help you feel connected to others and take some of the burden off yourself.


Since you feel uncomfortable telling the people you know about what happened, how about sharing with a stranger? Not just anyone, but someone you can trust but whom you do not know personally. Someone like a crisis counselor at a hotline or someone at your local community mental health center. You can pick who you feel safe with and who you feel you may not see again. The idea is to be able to express what happened without feeling embarrassed or burdened about sharing. And you can get support and input at the same time. It may also give you practice for telling someone you do know when you feel ready to do that.


While you consider that option, keep trying to put your feelings down on paper and expressing them as much as you can with others. Make sure you are taking care of yourself by getting enough sleep, eating well, and doing stress relieving activities like exercise and having fun. It will help you counteract the stress of the situation.



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