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Kate, I have not reported the incident to the police because

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I have not reported the incident to the police because I think the person who did this to me is connected to my initial attacker. He knew I had a child and threatened me in a way that makes me think he knows about the sexual assault too.

This is how my first attacker operated. Intimidation tactics. I was up all night thinking about it. I just want some peace. I can't help but become spiritual and wonder what I did wrong to continue having bad traumatic things happen to me.

I am so tired of fighting my way out of what seems like an never-ending hole. Just as I dig myself out a bit, I fall back in even further.

The sadness and discouragement that I feel right now is tremendous. This may seem like I am over-reacting but I cannot help how I feel.

Sorry for laying all this on you. I just don't have a lot of supports in place. Certainly not ones that want to hear that something else bad has happened to me. So I will just keep it a secret and let everyone think I am okay. I am a very good actress when it comes to my feelings.

Thanks as always for being there for me.




I understand your hesitancy to report this person to the police. If he is connected to the first attacker, then it would make you reluctant to report it. You may still want to consider it, however. Maybe talk to your therapist about it and see what she thinks.


This incident may be a set back, but not for long. You already have the tools to get yourself out of the hole and now you just need to use them again. It may be that you fell a little backwards, but giving in will only make the attacker win and you will suffer for it. You already have power over what happened because you seek help and push to get better. You have not given in, and that makes you stronger than the attacker could ever be.


I know you feel this is overwhelming. That is ok to feel. It just occurred so it will take time for you to feel better. Allow yourself time to adjust to this new situation. You are probably still in shock and your mind and emotions need time to get used to what occurred. Once you allow the initial shock to pass, you will be able to face this and work through it.


Try not to keep this a secret. Certainly do keep it from people you do not trust, that makes sense. But from the people that do care, don't feel you are burdening them with your problems. Friends and family that are truly there for you will not mind. They may welcome a chance to help you through if you let them try.


I am here anytime you need to talk,

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