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Penny Rayas, MFT
Penny Rayas, MFT, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
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have not slept in 5 days after problems refilling trazodone

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have not slept in 5 days after problems refilling trazodone and lithium medications for sleep disorders. fits of rage and confusion and I cant really even move right now. went to an ER two nights ago. got ambien and doc said probably bipolar 11. recovering alcoholic old timer and deeply ashamed. would not mind going away somewhere safe and getting a proper diagnosis and especially some medication to knock me out for 8 hours. any suggestions how to proceed? not a fan of psych wards.  also the ambien really didnt work.
Hello there I think the pharmacy has to give you enough medication until you can get refills. The pharmacy has to contact your doctor and the doctor can approve the refill. If you can't pay now you can get a refill for 5 days until you can pay. My biggest question is why are you deeply ashamed? If you take ambien a few times that does not mean you got high or you relapsed. Your primary doctor can continue to prescribe your medication lithium and trazadone. What were the problems that you had with the refill? Can you go to a county mental health clinic to get medication? I don't think you need to go to the psych ward. Are you suicidal? Why do you think that you need to go inpatient? Do you feel that you will relapse?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

i was seeing a mental health clinic and they closed my case because i missed appointments. must the pharmacy refill? i tried to sleep on my own but couldnt, so i saw a walk in clinic doc and got a 10 days supply assuring him i would call a psyciatrist and i just couldnt. oh asahemed not because relapse but if got around my"reputation" would be mud. know i shoukldnt think this way NOW but i do.


i am beginning to view this as a nervous breakdown. it is saturday night. where would i see a psychiatrist other than in a psych ward. do i have to wait it out till monday? to see someone professional?

Please give them a call they have to refill your medications. Tell them you were so depressed that you could not come out. If I were you I would go to my local emergency room. Tell them that you run out of your psych meds and you need psych meds. I know you went to the emergency room but it did not work for you. Ask for the doc to give you your psychiatric medication because withdrawal from lithium is difficult. Ok I don't think your reputation would be mud. You can talk to them about being on psych meds. Why was it so hard to call the psychiatrist? Please go to the hospital and tell them you are not suicidal but out of medications and feel terrible. Tell them that you have not have the energy to find another psychiatrist. I think seeing a walk in clinic doctor again may be a solution. The hospital may have a list of psychiatrist that take your insurance. Everyone knows that is not easy to find a psychiatrist. Going to the hospital is your only choice, I don't think you would end up in the psych ward. I see people in the county crisis hospital and you would not be a 5150 risk unless you are suicidal, or danger to others, If you are too out of control please go to your local hospital they know how to help..You don't have to wait until Saturday. Call and friend to take you with him to the hospital. You need support and you have AA so use your support...
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