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What do you think of EMDR Do you think it works well for everyone

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What do you think of EMDR? Do you think it works well for everyone or just a select few.

Thank you for your question. I am out right now, but will answer you as soon as possible. Thanks for your understanding.


EMDR is a therapy that uses cognitive behavior therapy in combination with rapid eye movements, usually created when the person follows the therapists finger back and forth in front of them.


The theories vary as to why the eye movement is affective. Some researchers feel it relates to the rapid eye movement during sleep (REM), others feel it helps the body process trauma similar to that of someone watching a movie.


There are no studies that conclusively prove that EMDR works. My belief is that EMDR provides a distraction for the person in therapy as they process traumatic events, allowing them to process these events as a distant memory rather than something they are sitting there and concentrating on. EMDR may be a good tool that works for some people, but unless you are able to believe it works and you can work with the distraction of someone moving a finger in front of your eyes, it may not work for you. It is more likely that talking about the traumatic events or problems you have is more effective than just EMDR by itself. Movement of the eyes will do nothing if not accompanied by therapy.


In any case, it is worth a try if you have attempted other therapies and they have not been affective for you. There have been cases where EMDR is very effective. And as long as it is not harmful, it is worth a try.


I hope this helps,


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