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AgapeDoc, Psychologist
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 197
Experience:  Dr. W. D. Nicholas will help you find solutions to life's challenging issues.
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Ive recently seen an e.r. psychiatrist ( who only spoke with

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I've recently seen an e.r. psychiatrist ( who only spoke with me for 15 minutes ) and a family doctor. They think b/c of intensity of my last depressive episode that I could be bipolar. They put me on lexapro and depakote. I am totally freaked out to be on medication and don't know if the ones they gave me are safe. I am starting on between 250 and 500 depakote daily, and in a few more days will add 5 - 10 mg. of lexapro. I'm afraid of weight gain ( though i eat well and excercise regularly ) and am afraid of the things i read online about possible toxicity. so far i've been needing massive hours of sleep from the depakote, and waking up in a naseus fog that subsides after a few hours. ( i've been taking it about 4 days ) i already feel my short term memory and functioning weaken. am i possibly on the wrong medications ? can someone please help me know if i need to try something else. do i really have to wait weeks to see if this stuff helps me ? i'm insurance.

Dr. Kaushik :

Hi there,

Dr. Kaushik :

Welcome to Just answer !

Dr. Kaushik :

Well, i can understand your concerns about the drugs which have been placed upon , it is very common among patients , but , one should be only cautious about the side effects but not overtly cautious ...

Dr. Kaushik :

So, i would say that the drugs which have been given to you seem to be the right mix of drugs for bipolar disorder , and even these drugs are given for severe depressive episode , so there does not seem to be any problem with the drug regime .. so you should be rest assured of that ... which shall bring you belief in your doctor and the drug regime , and all this really helps in faster recovery..

Dr. Kaushik :

Secondly , the sleepiness and nausea that you are encountering is usually there in some patiemts for the first week or so , but as time passes by , these complaints subside on their own,, so do not worry much about them and have patience , these complaints will go away soon in the next week ...

Dr. Kaushik :

Thirdly increasing lexapro by 5-10 mg seems to be the right way to approach in bringing this drug to its maximum effective dose , that is the dose at which a patient responds best to the drug , and so slow increase in the dose of lexapro , after starting it at low dose , is the right way to go about it...

Dr. Kaushik :

Finally the prolems such as your short term memory and functioning been effected , could be only due to placebo effect of these drugs , not because their actual effect , because these drugs have only been in there in your system only for 4 days , which is too short a period before these drugs could actually start woring at their peak levels and bring about these sort of side effects of effecting your memory and functioning , as memory and functioning are effected when one has been on these drugs for too long a period , say some years and that too does not occur in all individuals..

Dr. Kaushik :

So, to summarize , i would suggest that you have patience and do not get paranoid about the side effects of these drugs , because these drugs have been proven to be effective worldwide for bringing relief in conditions similar to yours ...and it is too early to be effected by their side effects as they have just been started and still have to reach peak levels in your body to cause positive effects as well as side effects ..both..

Dr. Kaushik :

So, relax and continue on these drugs without getting worked up , wait and watch for improvement in your symptoms in anoither 2 weeks .. and also see if over sleepiness and nausea remaoin all this while , i am quite positive that not only your symptoms will start showing improvement but your present side effects will also wane off and this will nring your more confidence in the doctor 's drug regime .. which i reiterate is the right choice as of now..

Dr. Kaushik :

I hope this helps..

Dr. Kaushik :

Wish you all the best..

Dr. Kaushik :

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Dr. Kaushik :


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
hi Dr,
I really appreciate your answer. Hearing a second opinion from a real psychiatrist is very helpful to me right now so that I'm not so upset. The one thing you didn't address is the possible weight gain. That is why I am concerned with these specific medications that were prescribed to me, and that was part of my question about the intensity of side effects with these particular medicines. ( I've heard people on wellbutrin and lamictal combo don't gain weight / have sexual problems....)
Hello there,

It looks like Dr. Kaushik has stepped away so if I may, I will try and answer your above mentioned questions and concerns.

It is my goal to answer your questions and exceed your expectations. If you are satisfied with my efforts, will you click on the green accept button?

OK... It looks like you are offline as well. I will go ahead and post my thoughts for you.

First of all I, agree with what Dr. Kasushik has posted previously. And based on what you posted, it seems like you are feeling better about things as well (I could almost "hear" it in the tone of your post) :)

Now, your concerns about weight gain......

I think it's important to keep in mind that these prescriptions are not "set in stone" to be taken forever. Any medication has side effects, but once again you have just started so we don't know if you will be impacted by these side effects or especially "how much" it will impact you. Remember the other mixture you mentioned will have side effects too. We just have to determine if the side effects worth it - in other words are the side effects of any medicine more desirable than the issue they help one manage? In this case, is weight gain/possible sexual problems more desirable than the depression you are having to deal with? If it's not working, as I said above, these are not set in stone to be taken forever - so you can make adjustments as needed :)

So first of all, it may be best to see if these side effects actually start to happen - and then remember as I stated above, that these prescriptions can be changed or modified based on your reactions and the guidance of your attending physicians. It is quite common for folks in your position to have to make adjustments to medication regiments, especially in the beginning,

Having said all of that.....I am sorry you are having to deal with this issue. However, I must commend you for taking ownership of your treatment and questioning things!!!!

I only wish more folks would do this - It is my position that this is vitally important to do this - especially in this day and age.

Now, if I may... I would suggest that you may be able to get some guidance from a nutritionalist as well. It seems that you are a holistic thinker and you mentioned that you have explored the spiritual side of of life. A nutritionalist of a holistic physician (maybe one who practices Chinese medicine) can help provide some information and guidance on managing your weight and possible sexual issues while on the medications. Many of my clients have found great success using Chinese medicine as an adjunct to traditional medicine and the therapy I provide.

Finally, I would suggest that you see a therapist regularly. I imagine that you already do this - but if not it is important to find one that you trust and can talk to. In my experience you would benefit most form a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist or a Solution Focused Therapist.

Oh, and also read up on these kinds of therapies as well as the issues you are facing - we call this Bibliotherapy.

How am I doing?

It has been my pleasure to serve you. I hope I have been helpful and answered your questions. If you have more questions, just post them in response here and I will be alerted via E mail and get back to you as soon as I am able.

However, if you are satisfied with my efforts, please don't forget to click on the green accept button.
AgapeDoc, Psychologist
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 197
Experience: Dr. W. D. Nicholas will help you find solutions to life's challenging issues.
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Hi there,


It's Dr. Kaushik... I am sorry that another expert has got involved in our conversation , may be he is new at Just answer and does not know that when a converstation is going on between a patient and expert , another expert should not get involved until and unless the patient opts out on the first expert..


So, please do not get confused with his explanation , if you have any other related query kindly ask me .. by mentioning my name .. and if you feel that your question has been satisfactorily answered , then kindly press the ACCEPT button so that i can be credited for my service..


Warm Regards..

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