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AgapeDoc, Psychologist
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  Dr. W. D. Nicholas will help you find solutions to life's challenging issues.
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Our daughter has just been arrested for meth use and distribution.

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Our daughter has just been arrested for meth use and distribution. She is 33 years old. We bailed her out and brought her home where we went through 1 week of pure hell. We are looking for a rehab. for her to go to. A psychiatrist suggested Copac in Mississippi, but it really looks awful to me. They were going to charge $31,000 for 3 months and when I mentioned the doctor's name, they dropped down to $20,000. We are both retired teachers and we don't have a lot of money. We are willing to go to Copac, but it really looks awful to me. She has been a teacher, graduated from Univerisity of Houston, and this is her first time she has ever been in trouble. Can you recommend a good place?

Dr.Kappler :

Having set up a substance abuse treatment program of my own after running substance abuse treatment groups for over 25 years I can tell you that there are facilities out their that put the best spa and sanatarium of Europe to shame. My point is do you want her to have a massage, yoga and tai-chi every day or do you want her to learn what her triggers are for rejoining the "meth culture?" You need to understand what that culture is because it is not a drug someone gets you hooked on it is a culture that will do its best to reconnect with your daughter and persuade her to try some free meth.

Dr.Kappler :

"just once for old times sake" and then she will be right back where she was. Dealing meth is no joke and not something you wake up one day and decide to do on a whim. She needs a facility that has a good reputation for understanding that culture. Let me know what city you live in and I will see what I can do to make a recommendation. I am a little suspicious of a facility that drops its price once it hears who made the referral.


We live in Houston, TX. I might mention that she doesn't think she needs this. We will need to do an intervention or something to get her to go. She is a pretty down home girl and she has never had a massage, yoga, or tai-chi. That is not what she is used to. She works hard labor when she is working. She doesn't mind getting her hands dirty. She is strong, inteligent, very creative, and she likes to fix everything. She has her own set of power tools, and all that goes with them. She loves her dog, Robin. Every boyfriend she has ever had is still a good friend. She isn't gay. I tell you this just to let you know what a great gal she is. She isn't spoiled. She is very strong minded and stubborn. She worked her way through college. She is spiraling downhill fast. I am sure we will need an intervention to get her to go. She has medical insurance that we have been paying for, but it doesn't cover any of the "mental" issues.

Dr.Kappler :

It all depends on her willingness and even with her lawyer telling her she is reluctant then you are throwing your money away.


We have been talking to a place in California called Vista Bay. It sounds really good to us. It is not the classic 12 step program. It is a long term program and after all of our searching it looks like what we are looking for. I was hoping to hear from you sooner and see if you could recommend a place. Do you know anything about Vista Bay at Santa Cruz?

Dr.Kappler :

I know of someone who went there and said it was excellent. I like their readmittance policy. Does your daughter want to go?


We are hiring a professional interventionist. She doesn't really have a choice. If she doesn't go, she goes back to jail. Our son is raising questions about the "scientology" aspect of narconon. She basically has no religion, and I think this could be a really good thing. Do you have an opinion as far as 12 step versus narconon?

Let me see if I can help here.... I think you have gotten good advice so far by the way :)

I will try and address your last question regarding 12 step vs narconon....

Both have their good points and they also have their "detractors". In my experience, the detractors are the ones who didn't "cured" as it from the program they are disparaging. However, in every case that this happens, I must say that it has been my professional opinion that it wasn't the program that failed, it was the patient.

This goes back to what was said before - the chances of success are more dependent on her that the programs you have mentioned - that's not to say that any program will do, but both of these programs have proven to be successful if the client does her part :)

Which brings up a concern - based on the conversation so far, it seems like she may be an unwilling client (even if, as you say, she has no choice).

I know you love her and my heart does break for everyone in situations such as these, but don't forget that drugs do bad things to our brains and the most trustworthy of all people will turn into the worst liars, etc.

So, I would suggest that you go to the program (of the one's you mentioned) that is most affordable and most convenient.

If I may be so bold as to say, if it comes down to a choice between Scientology and abusing drugs... I would chose Scientology.

I hope I have helped you in this exceedingly challenging time in your lives.
AgapeDoc, Psychologist
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 197
Experience: Dr. W. D. Nicholas will help you find solutions to life's challenging issues.
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