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Please help me, i have a son of 40 who 12 months ago was diagnosed

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Please help me, i have a son of 40 who 12 months ago was diagnosed with Morbid Jealousy he would stay up all night and search the home, the computer even the playstation (internet linked) looking for evidence, he sees images of his wife in all manner of pictures but says they have to be "decoded" to be able to see more clearly, i have to say at this point that there is absolutely no truth in these allegations and it has now, after yet another crises last week, that his wife has asked him to leave and intends to have an injunction against him. He is currently staying with me until i can find him alternative accommodation, obviously he is quite depressed and i tend to leave him until he is ready to talk, the truth is i am afraid of him as he can snap at any thing, He just does not accept any responsibility, thinks its every one else's fault and seems incapable of rationalizing. I should say at this point that he has smoked cannabis from about 18yrs and during these "episodes" we learned that he had been taking speed, which just turned him into a monster. I love my son very much and have tried hard to support him through this but i now feel as if i cant do it anymore, i just don't recognize this person any more. He has been proscribed olanzapine and fluexatine. He should have attended a psychological assessment 2 weeks ago but did not attend because "he dose'nt have a problem" any advise please.

The problem with this situation is that no adult can be treated against their will unless they are homicidal or suicidal. If you think he is dangerous or may harm you then you have to call the appropriate authorities and have him taken to a nearby hospital. He will be admitted at that time. This is usually the best option because people treating him at the hospital will get an accurate picture of him. Do not feel guilty in facilitating this. He needs to be treated. This of course will be against his judgment and his opinion won't matter. If you continue this situation as it is you are faced with his dangerous decisions. And you don't know if he is taking his medication. I would unfortunately ask him to leave if he does not meet the criteria for inpatient and won't keep appointments for outpatient.


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