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Dr. Keane
Dr. Keane, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  Clinical Psychology PhD, Licensed Professional Counselor with experience in marriage/family, teens and child psychology.
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Please could a clinical psychiatrist answer my question. My

Customer Question

Please could a clinical psychiatrist answer my question. My son has severe mental health issues due to being sexually abused as a teenager. He suppressed this and managed to hold down a job for 20 years, but since telling family about this, he has difficulty sleeping and just living. Every morning he wakes up absolutely petrified because of what has happened. He is unable to afford somewhere to live and knows that he cannot work full-time. Mental health services are very scarce and there appears to not be regular support. He has studied psychology and knows more than some 'psychologists' who have assessed him, he is also aware of CBT and other techniques. Can you suggest what can be done next to help, please? Also, he was originally prescribed antidepressants, which did not work and had a nasty reaction.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Dr. Vikas replied 6 years ago.

Hello Madam,

Kindly answer the following questions!

What are his current symptoms?

Has he ever been evaluated by any psychiatrist?

If yes, what was the diagnosis?

Which antidepressant have been already tried, in what dose and for how long?


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
He wakes up every morning terrified from what has happened when he has dreamed about the past. He finds interviews, going to supermarket where there are lots of people extremely difficult and cannot cope with situations like this as he becomes very anxious and has a big knot in his stomach all the time. Situations where someone is formally dressed (tie) he cannot cope with as it reminds him of the person who abused him. He has been evaluated by Community Mental Health on several occasions and again today. But all they seem to do is ask if he can make a cup of tea, offer CBT, etc. Antidepressants do not appear to work as he had an ADR where he was unable to breath and his throat was swollen - this was what Sertraline 50mg stepped up to 100mg did. Citalopram 20mgdid not help either. I would welcome you opinion with regard to help/suggestions which is not related to antidepressants. He has not been evaluated by a psychiatrist as over here we have psychologists, but my son appears to understand more psychology than some of the so-called 'experts'.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Symtoms: Confusion with performing kitchen tasks/difficulty concentrating on doing one thing/unable to cope with situations which remind him of the past/cannot see a way out/crying/having horrific nightmares - waking up screaming.
Not been evaluated by a psychiatrist - Community Mental Health tend to be psychiatric nurses.
Antidepressants tried - Sertraline 50mg and 100mg - adverse drug reaction causing constriction of throat and unable to breathe. Citalopram for 1 month but made no difference to him. I know you will say that they should be tried for several weeks/months but I am looking for help which is not drug related.

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