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Today my 10 year old son came home from school saying that

Resolved Question:

Today my 10 year old son came home from school saying that he and another boy were made to clean up a mess they made in the boys bathroom. Turns out that there was also urine on the floor of this very dirty bathroom, and they were told to do so on their hands and knees with bare hands. The teacher stood over them to make sure they completed the task. I feel this is an act of intimidation and a gross missuse of power. Am I correct?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Dr. G. replied 6 years ago.
You could be correct. I look at it more as a teaching tool to reinforce to the boys that the behavior will not be tolerated. It is a technique called overcorrection. It is mainly used to belabor the point home. Kind of like if a child scribbles on a desk then they need to clean all the desks. It is a good intervention to ensure the behavior never returns.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I think cleaning up the mess (the boys were dumping water on their heads as it was hot outside)with a mop would have been an example of a good intervention. One I never would have questioned. But to clean up a whole bathroom on their hands and knees, without gloves crosses a line into abuse. In this day with community acquired MRSA, and hepatitis, I think this choice of intervention put the health of these boys at risk. So when does overcorrection cross the line into abuse?
Expert:  Dr. G. replied 6 years ago.
I can already see we have a difference of opinion on this subject that won't change. The abuse comes when your child is physically harmed. He was not. Hopefully he learned his lesson and will not do it again.
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