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How/where is one tested/treated for adult ADD

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How/where is one tested/treated for adult ADD?

Hi, I'd like to help you with your question.


You have a few options when choosing a place to go to be tested for ADD/ADHD. First, you need to know that by your age, ADD/ADHD is pretty much considered the same. In adults, the hyperactivity component tends to fade, especially with age. So you can have the disorder, but you will not have the same symptoms as a child with the same diagnosis.


Although you best chances for an accurate diagnosis lies with seeing a clinician (mental health counselor, psychologist or psychiatrist) face to face, you can go on line to take a test and see what symptoms you have and receive a tentative diagnosis of your problem.


One site is called Psychcentral and another is CHADD is a good site to help you find a mental health specialist that can diagnosis your problem. Your regular doctor may also have resources and referrals for you.


Be sure you list your symptoms before seeing a professional so they can get a very accurate picture of your concerns.


I hope this helped you,


Edited by Kate McCoy, M.Ed, NBCC, LPC on 12/24/2010 at 12:26 AM EST
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX If I may follow up, are there any similarities between ADD symptoms and certain types of depression? I understand that a proper diagnosis will require a face to face meeting but I recently saw a special on PBS on ADD and was somewhat confused with their comparison.

There is a paradoxical effect with having ADD/ADHD. Although ADD causes hyperactivity in the brain (specifically the frontal lobe area of the brain) because of the biochemical reactions that occur, it sometimes causes symptoms of depression as well. How this depression manifests itself depends on the person and the level of symptoms they are experiencing.


Oftentimes what occurs is a person will present to their therapist with depression symptoms and be treated for the depression, only to find out later during therapy that they also have ADD. Once the ADD is treated, the depression may go away. The two become mixed up often because the symptoms are similar.


It is difficult to give you a more detailed idea of which depression is more likely to show up with ADD since there seems to be little direct research done on the topic. It seems at this point, getting the right diagnosis is the best option for individuals who experience the symptoms of either disorder. If you choose to see a professional, it would be very advisable to list your symptoms in detail, maybe even recording them for a few days to a week so over time you can get a better idea which symptoms occur and how often.This will also help the therapist with a more accurate diagnosis.


I hope this answered your question,


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